Daily chicken September 7

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They're sleeping outside tonight as I promised. Kinda feel bad because we were at the grocery store at nightfall, so I want here to direct the chicks to their coop. Tomorrow I'll work on making their coop more accessible and inviting.

Its not raining hard, barely a sprinkle. No wind, and it's warm. They're not cheeping or acting scared or anything, so I guess they're fine. My little babies are growing up!

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They are protected from the rain?

We lost 7 chicks our first year, in the Salatin pen. Once they go to roost, they don't move. It rained that night and they had laid down under the 1/4 unprotected area and got wet and died. We bought a tarp and put it over that area if there was threat of rain at night.


We'll, they made it! The tarp is a good idea. I was thinking about using one on the big run as well to help the big birds. Maybe that'll be a project for today.

@goldenoakfarm they decided to sleep in the unprotected area, so no, they're not protected.

ha look at those little cute things. yeah I agree that putting a cover on is good, but I didn't know they were that susceptable to getting wet.
recharging my sp today, I hope you have dustsweeper!


They're not the smartest creatures on Earth I guess, but they seem unaffected by their sleeping decisions.

I made them a little house that I just posted about. Hope they have the good sense to use it hahaha


yes sir nateonsteemit..well you'd think that they would use shelter at night to sleep in but maybe that's just human logic and not chicken logic.