Daily chicken September 6

in dailychicken •  3 months ago


I broke off a squash plant the other day. I was pulling down dead branches before they had a chance to fall on anyone and one of them hit dead on the stem of my biggest squash plant. To the chickens! They seem to be enjoying it. Every day there's fewer leaves on it.

I'm hoping once the little chickens get in the big run that they'll help the big chickens relax around people.

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Not likely the little ones will have that effect. Being able to handle chickens starts when they are chicks. It's really hard to socialize older birds.


I'm experiencing that. These birds were largely wild. Allowed to free range the neighborhood at will. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they didn't get any human socialization.

howdy sir nateonsteemit! man those birds look so healthy. how long before the hens start laying?


The two big ones should be laying any time now. The little ones should start in the spring I think.