Today on Lucksacks; July 25th - The .2 SBD WTA Horse Game Is Back!

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Today on (7/26): Freerolls, Updates, and More from the Lucksacks Poker Leagues.

The .2 SBD WTA Horse Game Is Back!


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Updates, News, and Notes

News and Notes:

  • The .2 SBD WTA Horse Game Is Back! Thanks to co-sponsors @sevendst19, @michaelluchies, @yazp, and myself, we are good ta go for another month. :-) And.. if you are interested in co-sponsoring for the following month please let me know. I have @coinbelly lined up so far. Need at least 2 more people!

  • Be sure to get into the 50 SBD Satellite Games... and win your way into the 50 SBD Game on 8/7/18!

  • Also check out the Fiddy/50, and the Knockout Sit-N-Go Games while you are enjoying that summer vacation!

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Todays Freerolls: Thursday, July 26

Tomorrows Freerolls: Friday, July 27

  • 12:00 PM CDT: .20 SBD HORSE WTA Freeroll (16 Players Max)
  • 2:00 PM CDT: SPL @ro-witness 10 SBD NLH Freeroll
  • 7:00 PM CDT: SPL @curie 20 SBD NLH Freeroll

Also, join ongoing Sit &Goís and tournaments throughout the day. To find out when these tournaments are happening in your time zone, use this time zone converter.

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Yesterdays Winners: Wednesday, July 25

@pcste 10 SBD NLH Freeroll - @yazp

@tedtv goes all in with AA preflop and @yazp calls with A3... and @yazp hits with trip 3s... Ouch. You know that hurt! We feel your pain @tedtv ;-) Congrats to @yazp for taking down the win.

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Current Lucksacks Poker Leaderboard

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