Thurs 27 Feb Journal Entry #4 -- On Track & Feeling good!

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Hello Steemit!

This is the 4th journal entry for this year. So far it is pretty easy to stay up to date with these entries, and I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers on the charts increase!


Today was not too bad, a little busy, but I managed to get to all the tasks on hand. I also pushed another commit up to the sneaky-ninja clean_up branch, meaning that I am on track to finish up everything before the weekend.


I only got a little bit more than an hour's worth of solid study time. I'm considering setting aside a few extra hours to study this weekend.

Something Else:

I changed my mind on the course that will be started next week, instead of jumping straight into the React course, I will be doing one or two Advanced JavaScript courses just to ensure I have a good grasp of the core language itself before moving on to learning libraries.

Daily Tasks Progress:

Current Avg for the last 39 Days: 10

It's not really that exciting. but I'm really happy to start seeing some consistency on the Daily chart, as well as the Study Chart. I will be adapting the required daily tasks this Sunday.

Daily Study Hours Progress:

Current Avg for the last 39 Days: 31 Mins

Damn, still a bit far off my daily scheduled time for studying, but any progress is good right now ^^

Daily Project Hours Progress:

Current Avg for the last 31 Days: 42Mins

Sneaky-ninja is really getting some clean_ups on the code this week. And the profitability is kind of decent, but I will be certain when the data is a bit cleaner once it has had a chance to run longer than a week at a time.

Overview for the day:

25 Tasks Completed!
1 Hours : 17 Mins Study Time
1 Hours : 31 Mins Working on Projects