Sun March 1 Journal Entry #6 -- First week recap.

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Hello Steemit!

This is the sixth journal entry for this week & for this year. This is also the first weekly recap entry for this year.


Even though I did not reach all my targets for the week, I still feel like it was quite productive & full of a lot of new learning opportunities. I'm hoping that next week will be even better!


There is not much to complain about this week =P I definitely need to work on my study Hours & need to start working on a big project, but that all starts this coming week.

Something Else:

10 Accounts are running on the sneaky ninja script so far, and one more will be added within the next few hours of writing this post. So far the accounts are just screwing each other over by all rushing votes to the same posts. So I am working on a way for the script to automatically take the highest VP account available and just vote with it. Hopefully, this will allow each account to get higher average efficiency.

Weekly Recap:

Current Avg for the last 6 Weeks: 4

The best week on record so far! These journal entries are definitely a contributor to keeping me focused and reminding me to recap what happened each day.

Daily Tasks Progress:

Current Avg for the last 42 Days: 10

Now that I am starting to be more focused on my daily tasks, I have added a few more tasks & goals that will help me to get those numbers up. The sort consistency is looking much better on the chart!

Daily Study Hours Progress:

Current Avg for the last 42 Days: 29 Mins

My study hours chart has the most ups and downs so far! Next week will be the start of a much more consistent workflow. I'm aiming for at least 3 - 4 Hours of solid focus time each day.

Daily Project Hours Progress:

Current Avg for the last 34 Days: 39 Mins

I am slowly adding the bugs & new features that I want to change on the sneaky-ninja script to a list. For this upcoming week, my focus will be shifted to a new project or two.

Overview for the day:

17 Tasks Completed!
0 Hours : 0 Mins Study Time
0Hours : 0Mins Working on Projects

Overview for the week:

Total Study Hours: 7 Hours : 14 Minutes
Total Project Hours: 6 Hours : 3 Minutes
Total Combined Hours : 13 Hours : 17 Minutes