Mon March 9 Journal Entry # 12 -- Fixing all the small bugs.

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Hello Steemit!

This is the twelfth journal entry so far for this year. At the moment my priority is on getting the MIniBets site rolled out and start testing.


I decided to skip studying today & focus on fixing small bugs that have been overflowing my bugs list the past few days. This is not the final design for the UI of the site, but just a placeholder so I can test and develop all the remaining features(Like leaderboards, claiming some free bonuses, etc.)

After not working with CSS grid for a bit, I had quite a frustrating time fixing the grid view when selecting a game to play!!! But now it's mobile-friendly & responsive =)


I did not really want to at first, but I feel the study hours sacrifice today helped me to kill a lot of tiny bugs. Hopefully, there is time to make up for it tomorrow!

Something Else:

I'll just confirm tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that it's about time to implement my database to the site & maybe focus on implementing some sort of token system. It won't be a steam-engine token, we have too many shit coins already =P But it will most likely act as a sort of free bonus for regular players to exchange for some freebies(votes, resteems & other stuff)

Daily Tasks Progress:

Current Avg tasks for the last 50 Days: 12

Trying my best to keep the tasks going! I almost missed out on all of my tasks this weekend, but damn I love seeing the consistency.

Daily Study Hours Progress:

Current Avg mins for the last 50 Days: 26

= ( I focused for about 5 mins, but my mind keeps drifting away to new ideas & features for the MiniBets site.

Daily Project Hours Progress:

Current Avg mins for the last 42 Days: 80

Overview for the day:

22 Tasks Completed!
0 Hours : 4 Mins Study Time
4 Hours : 52 Mins Working on Projects