Fri March 6 Journal Entry # 10 -- First good Idea of the end result.

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Hello Steemit!

This is the tenth journal so far for this year.


I fixed quite a lot of bugs on the mini-bets website today & also added a few changes / new features. But most importantly is that I improved the security of the site a bit.

I also got a few hours to add another placeholder game (Rock, paper, scissors). Right now these games are not quite worth having on the site, but will later be replaced with better and more unique ones.


No study. :(

Something Else:

I registered on Heroku today so I can get one of their Postgres Databases to store user info on the mini bets site. This will only be my second time implementing a DB, so I'm excited to learn!

Daily Tasks Progress:

Current Avg tasks for the last 47 Days: 12

Two weeks of solid consistency so far is feeling really good! I just hope that I can keep up the journaling and task tracking throughout this weekend.

Daily Study Hours Progress:

Current Avg mins for the last 47 Days: 28

0 again... Like I said last week... Next week I will double down on my study hours! ^^

Daily Project Hours Progress:

Current Avg mins for the last 39 Days: 70

I did not realize that I will just jump into creating a new project this week, but I'm happy that I did! MiniBets is so far (in my opinion of course =P) a really cool website.

Overview for the day:

23 Tasks Completed!
0 Hours : 0 Mins Study Time
5 Hours : 23 Mins Working on Projects