Who will win the battle for Directed Acyclic Graph? COULD IT BE THIS OUTSIDER?

in #dag3 years ago

Remember when Neo was the "Ethereum of China". Neo hasn't really lived up to that initial promise, in part because their media team is not great (Is it just me or are Ethereum and Neo feeling kind of ancient at this point????)

Well I've got another ".... of China" , this time it's the "Iota of China" Anyone who watched the recent explosion of Raiblocks, another Directed Acyclic Graph coin, knows this could be the technology which supercedes blockchain.


DAG solves the problem of scalabilty and fees, both of which have been hounding Bitcoin like a jilted ex-girlfriend. That's HUGE. DAG has the potential for many thousands of transactions per second, ie it can replace visa. Raiblocks for example is 4 times faster than Ripple, which is often touted as the best transactional coin.

That should be compelling enough for a punt, but ITC is currently trading on a par with Iota (3-4$) HOWEVER the total supply of ITC is 90,000,000 compared to 2,779,530,283 for iota. By that math, if ITC were to acheive the same valuation it would be worth $110 a token, or a *30 climb.

The project looks pretty decent also, whitepaper linked below. Rollouts shortly on binance and big plans for '18.