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Dad Tip of the Day: Kids will make messes, but some messes should be encouraged as there are a number of benefits.

As anybody knows, kids can be messy. Whether they are eating food, playing outside or playing indoors, somehow children leave chaos in their wake. The natural thing to do is to desire orderliness and a clean space, but there is also a time and place to allow for big messes.

Messes can help kids grow in a number of ways. I found a good article online that lists out some of the benefits of kids making messes or getting messy:

  • Allows all 5 senses to be used

  • Imagination can be utilized

  • Creativity is sparked

  • Can build independence

  • Cleanup after teaches responsibility

Of course, after you allow the pure chaos that is a big mess, you will want to teach the kids how to be responsible for their own mess and help in the cleanup process. Knowing they will have to clean up will also help them make conscious decisions about whether to get wild and make a big mess.

Here is my kids making a big mess in Kendra’s room after only a few minutes of playing in there (normally things are very orderly and spotless):


So before you put a halt to the next big chaotic mess the kids want to have, think about encouraging the mess, but then taking responsibility for it after.

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I also did this when I was a kid. Kids like to make messes but if you directly stopped them then they will make another messes. So we should learn about the cleanup process. Thanks again for talking about kids making messes and the solution to make them responsible.

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This is very true. However i don't think I could hold firm to what I believe whenever I got the shocking moments 😝😅. Parents need to be emotionally trained.

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I love the disorder of children, a house with children for more than one try always have a toy watered, the nice thing is to guide and motivate children to organize after playing.


Very true... that is a skill that must be honed as well!

I think you are a great dad of the world.

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