'Its a Conspiracy' Termite Worldwide Jam Round 76

in cypher •  last month 

Heres a whole bunch of weird packed into one video!! I thought itd be funny to add subliminal messages of masonic symbolism to this vid, due to the content of the verses, but it just turned out really weird lol

If you are interested in these weird esoteric things, check out my new Spaced Out Entertainment episode on The Third Eye Conspiracy on my website below! Peace!


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Thank you!

Bruv!!!!! This is f********kin epic!!!!
everything about this is so sick man!!!!
... u kno i love my conspiracy theories 2!!! ... been spending too much time thinkin about the mandella effect and collective consciousness and basicly how little we kno about that stuff! Weve studied it in animals but not in humans, go figure!! haha! anyway, tangent! haha!! Fuckin love this track!!!



Thanks man! I firmly remember area 51 being called area 54 in childhood books i read, and also have many other mandella effects having me scratching my head like, wtf! that toy story scene where the aliens chant that buzz lightyear is 'one of us' is no longer in existence yet i remember it! and some words are spelled differently now i think. perhaps a sign that it is all a simulation, since weve only come up with that theory and now things are changing unexplainably!
glad you love the track man, im investigating it all and will no doubt have more masonic bars in the future too haha its so mysterious and enigmatic I love it!


yeah. A simulation is a def posibility!! but then if simulation = reality and reality = simulation, then we cant really see a difference. There are a few madella effects I can relate to. BUT ... The one that really made me go 'WWWHHAAAAAT!!?' was the Henry XIII painting. I remember him holding a turkey leg, and that painting aparently never exsisted!!! I wrote an essay at school on that painting and how the turkey leg represented England taking over America (or whatever they called that mass genocide) cos thats where turkeys are from.

At the moment Im thinkin maybe collective consciousness could cause it. When they teach birds how to open a certain shell in one part of the world, they seem to miraculously be able to learn it everywhere. weather this, in a human could form a totally false memory, i dunno. Its fuckin weird, i remember that shit, know what i mean?!!!

It could also be a huge trick, and by manipulating the internet to show, for example, that the turkey leg never existed, you can cause people to loose their sense of reality. This would be a massive advantage if you planned on owning the world and doing what the fuck you wanted! unlikely but who knows!!! When it comes to the internet, weve already made that leap really!