Diaries of an addict #4 - MTBs belong to the mountains not the roads - part 3

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Hello everyone

I used to be very jealous of other's adventure photos, telling my self "Oh... i wish i was there" or "wow, they're living a perfect life" and sometimes " i'm tired of this life, i'm gonna do that!" but after doing more travel and adventures (little ones) i realized that how hard is living your dream life whether it's always traveling or always inventing something new, it's hard to keep it up for a ling time and it's not easy, not even close.
When re-reading my last cycling post, i realized how easy it is to be fooled by those nice photos and the fair amount of post payout and think, "oh, i'm miserable, i should do something like that too." and that's the social media's trap, we are all miserable, but some know how to hide it, how to take the most out of it, we didn't come to this world to to live an easy life, to have everything we want, when we want it, we're here to try hard and beat our selves up, just to realize that what we want to achieve isn't worth anything, what is worthy is our effort. I consider what i did a success, because i tried so hard to achieve it, if i was dropped on the mountain peak by a helicopter, it wasn't a success any more.
This adventure wasn't really fun, i biked under the hot sun, dragged my bike on rocky riverbed, carried my bike on my back to the height of 3000 meters, i at some points i was in serious doubt that if what i'm doing is a right thing to do, and still when i think about doing it again, i don't have a rigid answer, sometimes i thinks it's a good idea to do it in winter, sometimes i say to my self "once was enough". but if @mrprofessor comes to Iran, we'll definitely do it together. Don't we?!
So in the end

It's not about the result, it's about the effort

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Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

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Oh yeah my friend, on social media we can indeed get fooled by the 'perfect' lifestyle, and to be honest it can be perfect.

However most of us don't show how hard it is to get there and how much we work backstage. But anything is possible when we truly believe we can.

Be prepared, because if I managed to go there, we'll for sure go up again hahahaahah

Thanks for taking us with you on the adventure and keep it up!

However most of us don't show how hard it is to get there and how much we work backstage

That's where the problem is, many want that perfect life with out the hard work...

I was born ready man! haha

Inspiring! I'm a passionate cyclist, although I don't ride mountain bikes. It's fun reading your stories about a form of cycling I haven't experienced. Very adventurous. I discovered your blog through #cyclefeed and look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for sharing the love of cycling!

Thanks @cyclefeed for supporting this post and thank you for reading it.

I don't do this kind of cycling regularly, but when i do, i feel really good and i take lots of photos and videos to make sure i have enough content to share before the next one (LOL).

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