If I Were a Nation-State Hacker Looking to Conduct Supply Chain Attacks

in #cybersecurity2 months ago

Cyber threats are racing to find and exploit the next big Supply-Chain hack. Compromises like that of SolarWinds represent a tectonic shift in the Cybersecurity world, where the compromise of a single software supplier can expose all their customers for victimization by attackers.

In today's video, I look at the situation from the attacker’s perspective and explore how they might approach finding more supply-chain attack opportunities. I will discuss the three likely paths they will take, from easiest to most difficult, and cover the top five targeted technology supplier categories.

The cybersecurity industry will be talking much more about supply-chain attacks in the coming months. Understanding the threats and narrowing down the ingress vectors can help organizations focus their security efforts to better prevent and detect such attacks.

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Evil Matthew!!! :)

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