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RE: Hurts so good: Hacked for $30,000 USD

in #cybersecurity3 years ago

you are very brave to share it, it is truly very nice of you to do so ! I will definitely make sure to get 2factor authentication. This can happen to just anyone so we should not be naive.

Like you say, if we want to be our own bank than we should also realize that we carry the responsibility ourselves to make sure that our money is safe.

Thanks for sharing and really so sorry to hear that this happened to you !


Thank you @dandesign86 - everything is a part of our evolution as a species. I firmly believe that everything is co-created, including this. Think how boring life would be without cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. The truly aware person is aware that: the world is in them. They are not in the world.

Very nice comment and I understand your point; there has to be this balance, this struggle, in order for further development!

No, I think that the truly true truth is that the world is outside us, and we are physical beings that exist inside reality.

The universe is outside us, and we are made of the universe, and our minds are like a computer.

The computer thinks thoughts inside of its CPU.

We think thoughts inside of our brain.

But outside our brain is true, raw reality. It is beyond our mortal senses often, thus we might think that the world is within us. But it is not.

There is not a matrix reality running inside our head.
We live in the real thing. The true reality is outside us, and we are part of it, but we do not create it.

We are mere animals, evolved chemical-reactions that have become intelligent, but not intelligent enough to truly comprehend the reality of reality.