+ Steem/SBD = Filipinos and South East Asian Success

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It's been 16 days since Sir Terry or @surpassinggoogle made a post about asking Steemians to create a video of calling-out to add Steem to their exchange.


I've been on hiatus for a while due to some errands at work. And upon checking out my bookmarks, I found, in my belief is my pending obligation in helping the Steemit to grow more. Which the only way I think I can be of help.

And not only Steemit that I will help, but also more Filipinos suffering poverty but has the ability to use mobile phones or a coin-operated internet cafe. Why not?

I believe that through adding Steem/SBD as an exchange by It will not only grow the purpose of the crypto wallet, but will definitely invite more Filipinos to Steemit as redeeming rewards will be made easy.

Without further ado, I hope that I am not yet late. And Sir Terry, thank you for opening this opportunity for us Filipinos and South East Asian Steemians to make a better change for everyone.

Here is my support to @surpassinggoogle's call-out to to add Steem to their exchange.

pardon for the whispering voice as it is already 11:00PM during the video shoot. And I also have an idiot board, FYI. lol.




I am a part of the following respected groups:




I also support and believe the initiatives of the following witnesses:


To cast your vote, just click here.

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Solid post. Thanks.

Here's a recent article that's pro

Namaste, JaiChai

Looking forward to have SBD on wallet.

So am I. 😊