Campaign to Add Steem/SBD to and by @surpassinggoggle

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Good Monday everyone!

I'm away for more than a week lastweek and no internet access in the place I went to. So I missed many updates and news here in steemit but glad to know I have some friends who were my fellow steemians here too share me some news or updates here. And I'm happy to hear too that Sir Terry or @surpassinggoggle our very kind and supportive mentor have this campaign movement to add STEEM/SBD to and And I'm glad to see many steemians were happy to support that campaign. For me to show my support for this campaign I made this video.

Hello everyone!
I film this video to support Sir Terry's campaign of having an Asian-based crytocurrency exchange and to add Steem and SBD to their exchange in and
Most of us know how this digital wallet helped us in many ways. Like sending and receiving money - to and from others, buying load or credits for our mobile phones and even paying our bills. And especially to us fellow steemians, there we usually get our earnings from steemit.
So this movement of Sir Terry is more valuable to us so hope this simple video of mine can help.
Have a good day everyone!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in supporting this campaign and make our dream come true together!

I’m glad I meet @surpassinggoogle, even just here because he’s always been good to anyone! And for that, I support him as a witness by voting him at I’ ll be glad if you vote him as well as your witness at by typing "steemgigs" at the first search box. If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.



short video but buti ka pa sis nakagawa ka na din.. sana ako din makagawa, kaso mas comfortable ako kumanta kaysa magsalita sa video haha

Cge ikanta mo na lang pwede siguro yun! 😉😉

may mga nakita akong gumawa ng ganun, kaso agak met composer kasi hehe

Ako po gumawa slideshow lang kasi hindi ako sanay magsalita mag isa (sa cam) haha wagi naman 😅

Join us in supporting this campaign and make our dream come true together!

Very convincing ate.. You have a nice video.

Thanks Shula! I wanna see your video too !

Wow! You've joined the movement. :-)

Yes it's my way to show my support in this campaign!

Yeah that’s right. It will benefit to us then too. :) nice one ate @cutirenskei

Nice video you uploading about @surpassinggoogle's campaign that surely we steemians can benefit from it. Hoping can hear our campaign to have steem and sbd in there wallet.

Thanks ate juwel! Do yours as well..

nice words you got for the and @surpassinggoogle project for all steemians. I am positive that soon can add steem and sbd.

We hope for the positive responds for our campaign so make your video too Kuya @joonz!

Thanks @dunkman! Do yours as well..

Nice ate. You did it :)

Thanks dette for telling me this! Also for your help!

Welcome te:)

Nice one @cutirenskei. This is a great support to @surpassinggoogle's initiative to bring steem/sbd to i am glad you made this video to support the movement.

I was inspired to make this when I see your video ate 😯😯

Ganun ba, salamat naman. Pero sana kalimutan na natin ung vid ko. Kakahiya. Hahaha. kinalimutan ko na un Irene. Haha.

Hahaha ako proud sa ginawa ko wag nyo kalimutan slideshow lang 😂

Daya e noh. Hahaha.

ayos madam:-)

Ikaw din @atongis ang ganda nung ginawa mo. Good job!

Wow. Ang galing naman @cutirenskie. You really did it. Congrats.

Kaw din ate magrecord ka na rin o di kuya Ronnie ang ivideo nyo he he