STEEM/SBD TO COINS.PH: How About Sending A “Suggestion Message” to

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I was fascinated by how Sir terry a.k.a. @surpassinggoogle made his move to promote the inclusion of “Steem/SBD” in Gathering 200 videos for this initiative is a tough task but he is eager to complete it for one great and PURE reason – to HELP (a heart of a true Leader / Influencer).

This lead me to think of other ways to help him fulfill this goal aside from producing a VIDEO, Link of My Video Response

How about sending a “Suggestion Message” to

I tried to send them a suggestion message last April 13, 2018 and here is the screenshot of their reply:


Though the reply might seem a ”template-based reply” but the fact that they “noticed” it means they “read” or “scanned” my message to them.

This is just ONE suggestion message, but how about COINS.PH receiving 200+ messages from 200+ different people suggesting one thing, “The Inclusion of STEEM/SBD in COINS.PH/CX.COINS.ASIA”, I believe it will create a BIG IMPACT to them and might lead to the fulfillment of OUR GOAL -- “STEEM/SBD in COINS.PH/CX.COINS.ASIA”

Here are the Step by Step guide on how we can send a “Suggestion Messafe” to Coins.Ph

Step 1. In your account click the “3 Line” icon on the upper left part


Step 2. Click “Send us a message”


Step 3. At the bottom click “Message us about a different issue”


Step 4. At the bottom click “Suggestions”


Step 5. Select “I have a suggestion” in the Drop down menu and fill up the suggestion box below


Step 6. Click “SEND MESSAGE”

Let you voice be heard! And let know that WE WANT STEEM/SBD in COINS.PH/CX.COINS.ASIA!

I am also encouraging everyone to CREATE a short video stating that WE WANT SBD/STEEM in COINS.PH.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may want to show some love to @surpassinggoogle by simply voting his witness account "steemgigs" at


Another effort here! Soon we will see our sbd and steem in the lists!

It willsurely happen!

That is a great effort sending effort to the cuustomer service of Also the reply is positive. Hoping they will take consideration our request.

Yeah, all we need to do is to Act and Hope for the best to happen!

Hi chailpacia! :) Nice of u to add your video to the effort. yay!

im following u and upvoted now.

Thanks chinito, followed you as well.

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