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Hello Guys!

There are lots of steemians already showed their support to Sir Terry's Campaign to add Steem/ Steem Dollar into Wallet and also to it's new currency exchange which is I really wanted to have a share even just a little in Sir Terry's Campaign. But the problem is that I am really "camera shy". I don't take selfies, hehe. What more if videos? :-). I am not an artist, so it's not easy for me to think of any artistic concepts.So I decided to make a very simple presentation before it's too late

Many steemians already explained the benefits of having Steem/ Steem Dollar in and means many of us already know the benefits of having Steem/Steem Dollar in and So in my presentation, I just want to give the reason why I wanted to add Steem/SBD so badly.

I was thinking what will happen if consider our request? Does it mean that will have a steemit account?

coins on steemit.png

So is a newbie, hehe. Can you imagine how many Filipino Steemians will follow their account? Let's just assume that there is a one steemian in each municipalities and cities. If I'm not mistaken there are 1,634 cities and municipalities. And all of them followed steemit account. That is a huge number. Since they are already considered steemian they can post in steemit or any steem platform about updates on their site, additional sevices that they may offer, etc.. We can interact with them and them to us(vice versa). We can upvote their post as a a way showing appreciation on their post and hopefully upvote us also, hehe. I'm just hoping.:-)

How does it look if SBD/Steem will be added in and


Screenshot 2018-04-17 00.28.45.png

Like I said I am not an artist, it will look better than that for sure:-)

So that's it, hopefully will consider our request and add STEEM/ STEEM DOLLAR TO COINS.PH & CX.COINS.ASIA.

Thank you so much Sir Terry for this campaign, you have our support!

Thanks for dropping by!

@atongis ASAR
Note: Images are all edited and only used as an example

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To show some appreciation to the guy called @surpassinggoogle for his generosity & kindness,
Let’s support him as a witness by visiting and vote him,
type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
Or allow him to vote in your behalf visit
type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

also a big thanks to @hr1 & @iyanpol12 for continuous support



Nice one bro. @atongis
This could be the 100th video. ayos.

haha sirin

On. pang-101 lay master. hehe

mansign met la man si master

Ayos Sir @atongis!

Great video idea kuya and nice presentation :)

PowerPoint presentation po ito sir @atongis ?marakep

WPS lay nangawaan ko ta nanloko kalabiam may powerpoint ko, insambot ko ta bka agla mlahabol,haha

haha salamat po madam @saskia

Buti nakagawa na kayo dami pa pala kulang. Inedit ko gawa ko inalis ko music pero gusto ko pa rin iedit hanap ako mas ok music at gusto ko magsalita "Thank You!" lang hahaha matagal na ako nagpractice magsalita sa cam wala talaga eh 😊

Kaya nyo yan mam.

Oo nga eh dream ko rin talaga magvlog pero pag pinakinggan ko na recorded voice ko hindi ako natutuwa 😂

ok naman ung ginawa m madam:-)
pero pwede namang gawa ulit, ung video m pero talaga,haha
gawan m n rin ung nsfw na acct mo,haha

Haha anonymous yun hindi yun tatanggapin ng 😂

haha malay m un pala hnihintay nila😁

Thanks for the info sir @atongis 👍

yeah papa gold,haha
gawa k n rn:-)

Ganda ng pagkagawa at edit. Very artistic. Kala ko maririnig na nla voice at face mo sa video na ginawa mo. Hehehe

haha hiya po ako

Sana nga may SBD/steem na sa 😊

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