Ulog: Got my invite to CX trading at last!!!


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I have been waiting to try out this trading platform for some time now and a couple of hours ago I just received my invite to be a closed-beta tester. The site was okay. The BTC/PHP trading pair is working well but I am not sure with the other pairs the charting tool from TradingView for the other pairs is not working properly. Nevertheless this is still beta and issues like this will be resolve soon before they roll-out the platform.

What I am really happy about is the better rates you get when exchanging in this platform. Rates are much better than when you trade in the Coins.ph wallet. Moreso is the ability to change Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple directly to Philippine peso. I will make a thorough review of the trading platform when it releases. I heard that Bitcoin Cash will be supported in the Coins.ph wallet. I won't be surprised if it gets included when the final version of the platform is released.

I also hope that Coins.ph would consider including STEEM and SBD in the platform which by the way, was recently been added in the Gopax international trading platform with both SBD and STEEM paired with BTC and ETH.

That is it for now guys and see you around :)
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I got too partner. I hope that SBD and STEEM will be included soon.

Congrats kuya. Practice na tayo mag trade diyan hindi ko pa masyado napaglalaruan pero mukhang okay naman siya masa maganda ang buying and selling rates.

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