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I have written about Kojimaya numerous times already! Because it is my to-go place for a hair cut.


Last year I had written about them having plans to move to another location within the mall. They have moved! The reason being that Donki has probably bought the entire basement 1, and if you visit there now, everything seems to be closed. Full renovation should be taking place soon and you will see one entire level of Donki!


Kojimaya has since moved to Basement 2! It is rather easy to find. Take a look at me having a haircut!


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They are now at basement 2 of The Central, Clark Quay.
Getting out of the train station on the escalator you should be able to find it at the entrance of the B2 part of the mall.
The price is still at $12!
I read the magazine article while waiting from 2012 and 2013 at the door of the shop, and it used to be $10 ahaha, I wonder when the next price hike would be....?


I have moved onto $5 haircuts in Chiantown. Value for money !!

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ahaha i dont cut my hair alot also! I think its the only sort of service that I don't mind spending $12 on since I know the hair stylist very long already xD


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