YouTubers Make How Much wonga They Make

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YouTubers r sharing how much lolly they make through ads, and it might not be as much as yeh think. About a year and a half ago, YouTube started going through what’s become known as the Adpocalypse, and it’s put an even tighter squeeze on content creators looking to make a living orf of their videos.And many YouTubers agree, and hae even been sharing the exact amount of wonga they’ve earned through their channels. One of the only creators who’s generally pleased with their earnings is entrepreneur and marketing strategist Gillian Perkins, who published a video about how she makes wonga on YouTube when she had only 30,000 followers. She makes over $2,000 a month on her channel working only about 10 hours a week. But not all creators r so fortunate. Toobz, who has under 6,000 followers, recently twatted 1 million total views and revealed to his audience how much he’d earned in that time.
He credits his relatively low total to the short running time of his videos and showed that his top performing video only got $0.81 per thousand views. For those of ye out there who want to get rich doing YouTube, with that rate of revenue, he’d need 1.2 billion views to earn a million dollars. ASMR-YouTuber River shared their revenue after being monetized 4 just over a month, but it’s definitely not dooze to make a living on as a growing channel or even if ye ’re already established with several hundred thousand followers. But what about the channels with millions of subscribers? The Fitness Marshall has 1.3 million subscribers, and recently published his own video revealing how much he makes from YouTube, and the amount was remarkably low because The Fitness Marshall is a dance and fitness channel, which means they use music that’s owned by major record labels. Which means that they get all the dosh. It makes sense…but it kind of puts the creator in a bind. And that’s y some of yer favourite YouTubers make most of their dosh from merch, or going on tour, and the videos r just their way of keeping ye interested and engaged so ye ’ll eventually dae the things that help em earn a living.maxresdefault.jpg

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