My first day

in curiosity •  4 months ago 

My first day of my day is known. I'll go to the head doctor would be pleased to meet you also talked plenty again said. It came out of the kitchen. It went to the side block. The chief's room was there and he couldn't wait for his assignments.

Although he had a very excited personality, his consciousness and cool-bloodedness made him available. He approached the chief's door. A girl progressing faster than him and her father, the man in her mind, walked past him. I mean, they were faster than it and they got to the room faster than that.

They stole the door and were already in the room. They were frustrated, and it was the first time he'd whack his curiosity. A few minutes passed, he was indecisive about entering the room. It was his job but it was what mattered the chief physician to be in the room.

She was in a chair, her father in a chair, her father in the other chair right before her. She resembled a person with no signs, with a large hat to her face and a long coat.

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