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WAFRICA is a community aimed at curating quality posts from the shores of Africa and engaging in charitable activities in Africa. However, posts that bear the #wafrica tag whose authors are not African have been curated. As at the 3rd of September, 2018, WAFRICA gave 21028 votes to 2337 users.

WAfrica is the major supporter of successful charitable projects from Africa including @steemhelpinghands, @girlsfoundation, @fatherfaith orphanage reachouts, @prettyjules158 'Random Act of Kindness'.

Up until the last three months @wafrica operated by choosing five (5) spectacular posts from Monday to Saturday and gave them upvotes from the @wafrica.curators account ranging from 100% to 70% and a 1sbd giveaway to the best post of the day. The grand finale held every Sunday: three posts were chosen and given 5, 3 and 2 SBD respectively as well as given upvotes from the @wafrica.curators steemit account.

As the price of steem went down, it became hard to keep up to the payments because, as our post payouts could no longer support that as well as support the 50% authors reward to guest contributors. The solution to this was to stop giving liquid SBD and continue with the upvotes.

Sample of Weekly winners with 10SBD/Steem Price Pool and

We would love to continue with our initial tradition because it encouraged a lot of planktons to continue putting out quality posts in the steemit platform.

How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period?

It is our hope that we can continue our encouraging our followers by giving out a steem at the end of the week. A total of 100 steem would suffice for this purpose.

How will this support be used?

The 100 steem shall be shared on Sunday for the next two months to followers who have taken their time to write quality content.

Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?

Over a 100 people use the #wafrica tag daily.

How will supporting your community or contest help grow the Steem community?

In supporting the @wafrica community, @curie should be assured that quality posts would be rewarded and the participants would share the good news about Steemit which would in turn encourage new users to join the platform.
What is your Discord name and number?

You can reach me on discord : chiama4713 and click here to join our discord server.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This really awesome and I can testify to the fact that wafrica do upvote quality content with no bias at all.
Well done to all wafrica curators and this a nice development.

@wafrica worth this no doubt
so much record of great work since it was founded

@wafrica rocks, supports like no other. Amazing stats!

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It seems that everyone who has been affected positively are telling out their testimonies. Then it'll be a thing of ungratefulness if i do not appreciate how @wafrica has help me both in upvoting my comments and posts. I pray for them to wax stronger. Kudus to all admins of @wafrica. We are soaring higher. Smiles

This is amazing and much happy to be part of this amazing family.This is the best community on steemit.

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Wafrica community has put smile on many faces.
Long live @wafrica community and team.

Wafrica has been doing a lot of amazing work and have also supported so many viable projects.
Truly deserved

So authors from non african countries can also tag their posts with "wafrica"?

"21028 votes to 2337 users", this feels like such a great start.
Thanks for everyone's support, we will take this to the next level soon!


Hello @surfyogi
My name is @peachyladiva on steemit and have been following @wafrica for a while now and I know one of its aim is to promote great content that comes from the shores of Africa. @surfyogi I'm an earth cleaner, I clean the environment an initiative by cleanplanet and I have been cleaning this part of the planet, Nigeria to be precise, and I think It will be nice if @wafrica and add this project as one of their project because people down here people don't really know the danger in not disposing waste properly and there is need to educate them and also help them clean the environment they have messed up already and donation of public bin also. I have done some cleaning on my own and you can check them out from the link below

I came across some refuge dumps close to the main road and too much for me to handle on my own , so I tried to raise funding on fundition but no feedback yet so I am hoping @wafrica will take this project as one of their project so we can preserve this part of the world and help limit pollution as a lot of diseases outbreak because of improper waste disposal, with this movement we can save alot of lives.
Below is the video I made of the refuge dump beside the road.

And a link to my source for funding on fundition!/@peachyladiva/o81kfkzqp

@surfyogi I hope to hear from you soon and
thank you for your keen interest in Africa, you one of the few that believe great things can come from here.

WWAfrica promotes what deserves to be promoted. And I believe WAfrica herself is worth promoting and supporting.

I love also @wafrica community, its great and helpful community i seen ever

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The whales in Nigeria, wondering what I have been doing with my time on steemit

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I hope they get to approve this becaue it will surely widen the scope of the support @wafrica has been givin to Africans.

This is so great. @wafrica has proven to be doing what she assured everyone. That is a nice one.

Succesfull wafrica

Thanks for your usual support @wafrica

Wafrica. A home for all! I pray this request is granted. A beautiful community that appreciates good content and hardwork. 💕💋❤

Wafrica is always generous and are up to promote the image of Africa