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Hi @Curie,
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Here are Punday Monday's answers to your questions:

-1. What is your community / contest and what is its purpose here on Steem?
Punday Monday is a contest I've hosted held every Monday for the past 63 Mondays without fail. The first post, which I reference in every contest, gives a quick how-to guide to punning so that even beginning punsters have a chance of succeeding. We have had hundreds of puns over the past year, and dozens of punsters! My purpose, with this contest, is two-fold. Firstly, its family-friendly entertainment (most of the time. I encourage my punsters to make clean jokes, but I don't chastise them if they don't). Secondly, it's become a place for folks to get to know each other in the context of just having fun. We haven't had many serious conversations, and that's a nice respite from much of the rest of the internet.

(celebration balloons: source: my own camera)

-2. How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period?
I would love to increase the weekly prize support from 3 SBI+0.3 SBD (1 SBI+0.1 SBD for each category's winner) and full upvotes (~$0.02) for every valid entry to 15 SBI + 3 SBD (5SBI+1SBD per winner) and a full upvote (~$0.10) for every valid entry. That would translate, for a 9 week period, to 108 STEEM and 27 SBD and a delegation of ~6000SP for the period.

Of course, I would be thrilled with any support, and partial support would simply be applied evenly over the course of the 2 months.

-3. How will this support be used?
I know delegations weren't a part of your offerings, so I don't expect that, but if I were to receive a delegation, I'll point out that in addition to Punday Monday, the power of those votes would mainly go to @freewritehouse and @comedyopenmic participants. You can see in my voting history that those are mainly the communities I vote in.

The three prizes I offer in Punday Monday are the Rookie of the Week prize, for the best pun by a first-timer punster in the contest; the POCKET Choice Awards, where people can vote for their favorite pun by using POCKET (invented by @biophil) (I especially hope that increased prize support will attract more users to this portion. As it's been lately, there's a very nice fellow who has almost by himself been successful in choosing the winners of this prize. His community engagement is great, and I gotta give him a shout-out: Thank you @paul.atreides for your consistency!); and the third prize is one I award, as the puntender - the expert punsmith, for the best pun of the week.

-4. Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?
So far this week, we've had 7 unique users, and this is average. We had a few weeks of just two in the early part of northern hemisphere's summer. We have had upwards of 15 some weeks. There are a few regulars who show up at least half the weeks, and lots of folks who show up once a month. Over the course of the entire run of the contest, several dozen unique users have participated once or more, and half that many have come back more than once.

-5. How will supporting your community or contest help grow the Steem community?
Punday Monday is a low-barrier for entry, skill-based contest that is fun win-or-lose. I have known people IRL join Steemit so that they can participate in the contest. Because we give away SBI as prizes, people who come and win have an incentive to continue posting, and interaction begets interaction. We also have a very supportive community of regulars who are always positive as they celebrate the puns of others. With greater prizes comes greater incentives for others to join the Punday Monday contest. And with the validation of the @curie brand, folks already on Steemit will find more of what simple, joyful fun can be had on the platform.

-6. What is your Discord name and number? (Optional - This may also be sent privately to @randomwanderings#9929 on Discord.)

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Yes, @curie ~ Punday is a fun community activity. Even though I have no talent when it comes to puns, I like to come to @improv's page and read all the funny comments. 😁


You've made some good ones yourself! Too humble!

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