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RE: Win a 4.3$ Upvote by supporting fellow authors! SilentScreamer's 🔥//Weekly Steemian Spotlight//🔥 WEEK 2

in #curie3 years ago

Good to see this post, its my first time coming across this contest and thanks for hosting it mate. I am sure the usage of bots is a big question on the platform but it actually depends on the users. I rarely use bots like smartsteem or minnowbooster but I have used a few others on a regular basis to be honest. But I don't think bots are necessarily a bad thing.


Well i obviously share that position which is why im trying to showcase not only the authors but try and reward those that will help create more exposure for them by resteeming this post, with a sensible and positive way of bot use.
I wanted to start a sort of initiative where every party would have a chance to be rewarded.

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