Photographic Excursion on the Campeggia Hill - Italian Landscapes

in curie •  3 months ago

As you know I am a nature lover, so, last Sunday, I decided to take a hike on Col Campeggia, a hill at 1100 meters above sea level.

The environment is lush, is full of hardwoods and firs.
There are some Sorbus aucuparia trees with the characteristic red berries that make the vegetation more lively ... you can see them in the lower right corner of the picture...
There are few houses that do not disturb the landscape with their presence...


I was walking only 5 minutes that I realized that on the hill on my right there was a fawn looking at me!
I took a picture but I did not have the right lens to take a closer look at it... I'm happy anyway!


I continued the excursion. It felt great...I was alone, you could hear only the sounds of nature and I was surrounded by luxuriant nature!


In some places the path turned towards the plain. There were few trees and you could see a vast and exciting panorama!


The scenery was amazing, I will definitely be back. This place is really vast and you can see wild animals, because there are not many people coming here.


I noticed that along the path there were hazel plants and on the tree branches there were hazelnuts ready to be harvested!


I took some... every time I buy ice cream, I choose it with a nutty taste! : D


I have to wait a little while for the nuts to dry out and then I can eat them...


I went into a wood and I must say that even if it is summer, it was a bit 'cold ... these days it rained and the temperature has dropped by 15 °C!!


There was a pleasant smell of mushrooms. I tried to look more carefully if I found something good, but I only found a group of mushrooms that I do not know...


At the end of the wood I found this small concrete construction.
I read the sign and understand that it is a reservoir of drinking water that was used to supply the soldiers who were fighting the war in 1915/1918.
The water was pumped from the plains up to here through water pipes.


The sky was clouding and as I walked back to the car I saw a tank full of rainwater where the animals that graze in these areas, drink.


The vastness of the views I saw put me in a good mood.
The feeling of peace and tranquility was beautiful.


The path brought me again with my eyes turned towards the south, where I had the pleasure of admiring again the vastness of the plain below my eyes.

The mountains that can be seen in the background are the Euganean Hills, which are an hour's drive from Padua.


An information sign illustrates the activities that can be carried out in those areas:
Nordic Walking, hiking on the trenches of the First World War, mountain biking...etc


Continuing with the walk, I came to an interesting observation point because I was just above a valley: Santa Felicita Valley.
This view is really nice, it would be nice to lie down on a blanket and relax... with a girl it would be perfect!


The clouds in the sky moved quickly and the light that filtered between them drew shapes moving on the trees...


Here it is, my car! Framed by trees as the word "arrival" at the end of a sports competition.
I had arrived! :)


I got in the car and drove home, but at a bend, I saw a landscape that I liked.
There was no car, I stopped and I took the last picture quickly!


It was a really enjoyable excursion, I saw beautiful views and I can not wait to continue exploring that area.

Thank you for visiting, if you liked this photographic excursion, let me know!

I wish you all a nice day!

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You already know I love a good photowalk type of post, especially in the nature setting! I think the second picture is magnificent, the shape of it all and the fawn really makes the image, even when that far away. And that last picture, a fast snap you say, was well worth the stop, the soft rays of light are so beautiful.


Thank you! I always appreciate your opinion!
After taking the second picture, I also made a video... maybe one day I will do a post with the videos of the animals I saw :)

To take the last picture: since I left the car to when I got back in the car, only 10 seconds have passed... name is Allen... Barry Allen.

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It looks like a beautiful place to take a hike. I hope the hazelnuts are delicious once they've dried out! And I love the shot of the fawn. Very minimalistic.


Yes, they will be for sure, the people who live nearby told me that those hazelnuts are delicious.
Thank you it was a real surprise to see that fawn!

@alequandro nice pictures but I ask: where is everyone?


Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate them... I think they're all on the beach or in air-conditioned shopping centers! :D

Such a great beauty of nature. I wish if I could go close to it. It seems a lovely deer is there in the picture too.


Thanks for the comment, it is an inscredible place!
If you've never been there I recommend a nice trip to Italy! I'm sure you'd like it! The deer was an incredible surprise!


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