Application for Community Curators for December - Team Newcomer

Dear @steemitblog

I read the post about Community Curators for December - Team Newcomer. I would love to apply for this position I feel my self confident enough to serve this responsibility as I have done it earlier too.

📢 Community Curators for December - Team Newcomer

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A brief summary of your history on Steem

I am Aniqa Mashkoor. I joined Steemit in 2021 January. That was one of my best decision of mine since the verification of my achievement I had a great time here on this platform. It would not be wrong to say that I have spent a life here and have grown up with this. I have shared all my life experiences, achievements, and even hard time here over this platform and have always found a family here.

I have always been a member of different clubs since the time clubs were introduced and actively participated in the engagement challenges. I have written many useful articles for a better understanding of people. It has always been a part of my nature to help people here by all means.

I was inactive for the last two months because of the sudden death of my father and it take time for me to get back to life I know that people here will support me to be back on track. May God grant my father the highest ranks.

Position and Responsibilty

I am good at taking responsibilities and fulfilling them to my best. I have served as a greeter helper in the newcomer's community with my best. I have been doing that with all my heart. I have guided hundreds of people about steemit and its use. I have given the newcomers maximum support and have served this community to have real people.

These are the few posts that reflect my efforts for this platform.

After this, I have served in another role over this platform. I was a moderator of the Steemit Pakistan community for a good long time. I know the roles, tasks and responsibilities and I ensure that I will give my best to serve this role if I got chosen. CLUB 5050- STEEMIT PAKISTAN'S NEW MODERATOR - Aniqa Mashkoor

Experience you have had helping newcomers on the platform.

I have a lot of experience in helping newcomers because I know that whenever any newcomer joins steemit there is a whole new world. There are a lot of difficulties that any new person phase and I try my best to help everyone as much as I can.

As I mentioned that I have served as a greeter helper and have a huge experience in guiding.

Country you live in and what languages

I am a resident of Pakistan. I am currently living in Karachi and have been brought up here since my birth. I know English and Urdu best.

I can check the achievement tasks that are written in English/Urdu. Though we can use google translators to check other posts as well. Thus if required, I can go through such posts too, try to understand them, and rate their work accordingly

key stats - own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations

  • My Own SP 4354 SP
  • My Club Status I am club5050 right now
  • My Reputation It's 67 now

My delegations


I know it's not fulfilling the criteria for selection but I firmly believe that I can perform this responsibility very well and will have Pakistanis the most and obviously other nationalities. If I would be given the chance the blog will not regret.

Thank You! looking forward.


Happy to see your comeback on steem.
best of luck dear for your application. wish you success.

Thank you so much.

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