April Summary: Simply spectacular

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I skipped my monthly report on March due to the "unexpected" (or expected) Hardfork of STEEM and the birth of the new HIVE Blockchain which created a sort of mess on my accountability but, with a little bit of efforts and some extrapolations I think I finally get what I have earned as an Author and curator regarding HIVE POWER rewards, so called before STEEM POWER.

I have to say that, at least for me, both variables have improved substantially after the hardfork as you are going to see below.

This is my Monthly Author Rewards chart:


I am glad to discover that I have managed to stop my "dramatic" fall on rewards regarding content creator. Obviously, there has been a lot of support from bigger accounts in order to support all old steemians that were in favour of the hardfork and for sure it is paying off.
But I have always the tendency to think that perhaps I am doing better now :-)...

My Author Hive Power rewards on April has reached 127 HP.

This is my Monthly Curator rewards chart: "Spectacular"

But, have a look to my rewards as a curator:


ALL TIME HIGH on the Monthly curation rewards!

The situation regarding this variable is even better. I am over 114 SP which means:

  • Around 0.01101 HIVE per 1 Powered up HIVE per month
  • 0.132 HIVE per 1 HP per year
  • 1376 HP in total a year or 13.2% of ROI? on 10412 HIVE POWERED UP

Last time I did the same analysis on STEEM, the ROI on Curation for me was 8.2% so the efficiency now is SPECTACULAR!!!

The overall picture of the HP earned on April is...

On the good path again!!!!


242 HIVE POWER a month! Still not reaching my "All Time High" which was over 300 HP but I am happy that I really confirm the upwards trend here!

I am not the only one, for sure

I am sure all of us have benefited from the Blockchain Split, in particular the "older" ones as I am but, let m know, did you notice as well the same as me?




Been a while Eddie

where did you go?
Hope you are fine.

Hey Eddie. Been there and thereabouts. Been having a rough patch lately due to the pandemic...but I guess It's all of us.

Hope you're keeping safe?