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At @TheNewAlchemists we feature the “whole artist”.

We want to get steem artists long-term followers, not just single upvotes (although those are nice too!). Find out more about our work in creative placemaking, our commitment to storytelling, and our belief that great art transcends language.


Every week our roster of curators will select artists, in any artistic category they wish to work in, to feature in the ArtSearch curation initiative.

We are working with a roster of 10 curators currently, and hope to build our roster to 14 regular curators within the next month. Submit your application here if you are interested in joining our growing community. And we go!

ArtSearch | Music with @Falseyedols (English)

Hello everybody! This edition of #artsearch is brought to you by @falseyedols. I am an original content creator and curator that joined Steemit last December, and I have found my home on this platform.

I am deeply intrigued by blockchain technology and what it can do for creatives, and am so excited to be apart of various initiatives that help promote great creators on the platform. I have been playing guitar about 12 years, and have been making my own full productions for about half that time. My music crosses genres, a lot of times in one song, so it’s difficult to fully classify. I also make my own fractals, animations and have been working on my photography skills and co-hosting the radio show Voices from the Mountains on @msp-waves (Saturdays 3-5am UTC). So many wonderful projects and initiatives to be apart of and check out!

This week I focused on musical artists, and want to tell you about 5 creators you should be looking out for that are doing some great things on the platform. Without further ado!

Introducing @chiefmappster: Life purpose is to save humanity, help every person in the world, and start a family.

Another one of the most prolific members of the Steemit community! @chiefmappster is a co-founder of the @smacommunity, #smlchallenge (Steemit Music League Challenge), #beatbattle and also has a regular podcast on his blog called Coffee N’ Crypto.

I remember the first time discovering him when I first came to Steemit; it was via his Beat Battle League contest. I made a few entries into that wonderful contest, and enjoyed participating and listening to the other entries. People are very supportive in this community, and these contests are a wonderful way of expanding your craft, getting more listeners to your music, and meeting other creatives. All of these contests have even inspired me to try my hand at contest coordinator! Chief is a huge inspiration to me and many others on this platform, and I am happy to give him some love by shouting out all his great work and initiatives! Go check his blog out.

Introducing @hostioso: Musician, singer/songwriter and emcee representing that Caribbean hip hop.

From Caracas, Venezuela, @hostioso is one talented artist you should be aware of! I first came to know of him when he participated in and took first place in my first cypher contest. From then on I knew not to sleep on this guy!
His talents don’t just stop at his exceptional emcee abilities. Upon further inspection of his blog, I realized that he also could play the cuatro and sing simultaneously! I have a tremendous amount of respect for musicians that can play their instrument AND sing. On top of all this, he translates his blog from Spanish to English, including his music videos! I highly recommend you checking out his music and blog in general.

Indtroducing @loganhate: Mexican rapper and beatmaker

I know I’m curating in English, but I still can’t ignore all the great talent from across the globe that is offering such solid content you need to be aware of! No matter the English. It also does help when the author offers the post (or lyrics) in English as well, which is what @loganhate does.

All of his videos are top notch, from the audio to the video quality; these things look and sound NICE. He flows extremely well and chooses good beats that match his style. Some artists have a hard time doing that, and from what I hear his musical taste is consistently on point. His posts have a consistent format as well. It’s hard to find music posts that write much at all, and I totally get that. My music related posts tend to have less writing than my blog posts too, so I really like to see some type of format. Kudos there! Get over to his blog and go check out his music videos and contest entries! Let him know you found him reading this blog!

Introducing @soundwavesphoton: Music, fractals, psychedelia, photons.

Pretty sure I remember @soundwavesphoton mentioning he was an alien or from another planet one time on Discord, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Dude’s on another level!

His tunes are always so mellow and allow you to get lost in the waves. The same aesthetic comes through in his visual work. He will fractal-ize anything! Being a huge fan and creator of fractals myself, I absolutely love seeing how other artists use fractals in their work. Soundwaves is very active over on the @msp-waves Discord and network, as well. In fact, word is they are working on getting a more music focused radio program going on and are looking for music from the Steemit community! Be sure to get over to Soundwaves blog, space out on his sound and photon wave art, and see what he’s doing with the Minnow Support Project.

Introducing @scuzzy: I’ll live for the funk, I’ll die for the funk.

One of my all around favorite Steemians! @scuzzy is both one of the most elusive, yet prolific and active members of the Steemit community. I can’t say enough good things about him.

His description is short and sweet because he’s a humble dude, but he makes extremely good (and funkay babay!) music and is involved with huge initiatives for musicians on the platform. From being involved heavily with the @smacommunity as well, to founding the @blockmountain project with @djlethalskillz (whom I wrote about on my last entry), Scuzzy is just about in every other Discord room I am apart of. I imagine he is in far more too! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a diverse blog, so be sure to go over there and show him some love! There’s something for anyone to find to their liking.

And those are the artists I have to share with you today!

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your support of steem art. As a curator...I think it’s important for everyone to go out there and find/compliment other wonderful work. It does so much, from informing the community about other great content/creators, to just making that creator feel down right awesome. I’ve never seen a platform that actually has any type of organization like this in terms of finding good content, and I absolutely LOVE being apart of these curation efforts. In a land where quality content goes unnoticed, Steemit offers many a means to better promote their art.

ArtSearch is an ongoing curation initiative working in any artistic medium and in any language. If you are interested, you may read our curation standards below:

(1) We will curate for quality first and foremost. We believe artists should take the time to create a well thought-out and formatted post to feature their work. It is good business practice, and the number one rule of self-marketing. We want to empower artists who are ready to invest in themselves as entrepreneurs.

(2) We believe "artist" is synonymous with "creative”. We loosely define an artist as anyone working creatively and demonstrating a high level of artistry in their work in any sector!

(3) We believe in featuring the "whole artist" as opposed to a single post. We want to help artists get long-term followers, not single upvotes (although those are nice too).

(4) We believe art is a "practice”. We will feature artists who show a commitment to growth and development (i.e. a new account that is continually/quickly getter stronger is more interesting to us than an "established" account that is not advancing).

(5) We believe art is tied to the world in which we live. We will prioritize showcasing artists whose work is a reflection of society, or a commentary on it (i.e. art with a message, purpose, or mission) and artists who are underrepresented in mainstream "art" sectors.

(6) We believe in sharing your story and/or your process. We are here to help artists thrive, which means helping to build a community of support for what you are doing. Sharing your story, and your process lets people into your world (and lets us know you're ready to do the extra work it takes to run a terrific blog/business).

(7) We believe art transcends language. If a post is well-written, well-formatted, and features inspiring art we will curate it regardless of whether it is in English.

Thanks again for stopping by, we appreciate you being here!

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