RESULTS: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest : Help me to Thank you # 8 - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you <3

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The participation was superb in the 8th episode of the curation contest. My dear friends, you amaze me with your support and participation. I was not going to share 1/2 the SBD because I am running low, but I can't stop myself from wanting to share with you the little I have to thank you for your amazing efforts.

Love you all so very much <3<3<3😁

The winners of the 8th Help me to Thank you curation contest are:

1st Place: 7 upvotes

@glentoy"TEARDROPS poetry"Upvotes value: ~1

2nd Place: 5 upvotes

@wonderwopBubbling with joyUpvotes value: ~0.8

3rd Place: 4 upvotes

4 participants

@rayne122The Fiery HorseUpvotes value: ~0.5

@ablazeMan With No HomeUpvotes value: ~0.5

@frellarongPainting Exhibit: “Gugma sa Arts”Upvotes value: ~0.5

@nelinoevaFridayMarket First of MarchUpvotes value: ~0.5

4th Place: 3 upvotes

4 participants

@ninahaskin"Endings Can Be Beautiful Too"Upvotes value: ~0.3

@lucentbritexWhat does Liberty really mean?Upvotes value: ~0.3

@febradaytamarraWhy many Filipino choose Working AbroadUpvotes value: ~0.3

@joveanzLiving In This Kind of WorldUpvotes value: ~0.3

5th Place: 2 upvotes

2 participants

@wdoutjahI Want That 700SP Delegation from Karen SueUpvotes value: ~0.2

@maninaytonOur Dogs Enjoy Major Snow For The First Time.Upvotes value: ~0.2

Upvotes were sent using @treeplanter. For those I couldn't upvote (older posts), I upvoted a younger post :D

Please let me know if you don't receive the upvotes

Guests of Honor

We have no guests of honor in this episode.

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

Many thanks for visiting, commenting and upvoting 😊


Thank you once again for your generosity. This is a fun contest. Love ya. 😍

Thank you for your support and amazing participation. Love you too :D<3<3

Thank you for this @theleapingkoala :) till next time ^^

You are welcome @joveanz and Congrats :D

Thank you leapingkoala :) Im honored.

You are welcome @glentoy and thanks to the judges and your quality contents. Congrats :D

Thank you @leapingkoala for taking the time to support the community. I have met some lovely people through your contests and of course you! It is really appreciated.. Cheers

You are welcome @ablaze and Thank you for your participation and support. The contest has become amazing because of the efforts of everyone involved. I can't be thankful enough to all of you :D

great post as always...and your support appreciate. (some issues of late with steemit tech and upvotes..have you noticrd??)thnx

Thank you @yankee-statman,

I haven't been much on steemit lately but issues happen all the time

Good day Dr. @theleapingkoala . How to join the contest? Thank you

Thank you for wanting to participate @daisydelta
You can check the rules of the contest here

Thank you so much! Hugs and much love!

I can't thank you enough for all your support my dear friend. Lots of love and appreciation to you :D

I have met many new Steemians through participating in this contest. Thank you @theleapingkoala for this opportunity and to all the participants.

You got a 2.17% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @coachme!

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