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  1. Underwater photo near the house


  2. Travel - United Kingdom - Bath - Roman epicness and funky pigs


  3. Noki'S Entery To The 2nd Week Of Arrists In Bloom Contest Sponosred By @everlove !


  4. Understanding Minnowbooster,A project you must know about


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good article @steemfuzzy
thank you for sharing

Knowing much more about minnowbooster would be awesome. I think that's a great one.. Thumbs up to you

I would like to know united kingdom. but I do not have a visa lol. Greetings from Venezuela.

How i take part. I have been writing some stories in competitions

Underwater photo near the house

I loved this post, underwater pictures are amazing, almost makes me want to buy a GoPro and start doing it too

The second one is beautiful. No wonder is United Kingdom

very good effort. so much appreciate your efforts mate on this. helps to expose good contents here. keep it up. upped

great post, it's someting

Thank you for bringing some of the content all into one place.

so much appreciate for your effort my friend, thanks..

amazing photography sir.... great writing as well... ☺👍

nice story, beautiful photos!

Postingan yang sangat luar biasa, keindahan laut di samping rumahnya membuat saya untuk memahami alam bawah laut, postingan ini sangat bagus, lanjutkan.. @steemfuzzy

nomer 7 amazing

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Nice picture very interesting picture, which under the sea is very beautiful.

a nuanced article, I applaud your intelligence.

articles that are very perfect and useful @steemfuzzy thank you for sharing your best wishes and success always

Thank you for contacting me. I was following you already!

wow photography is amazing

Very nice post and great article.. I like your blog.

I don't know that I understood all that, but is it @everlove or @noki-power that is running a challenge/competition¿ I'm not into competitions much, mainly because I rarely know what time of day it is, let alone day, or week. But I have posted fresh blooms recently.
I have visited a lot of Roman architecture in UK. In particular I liked the docks at Carnarvon in N.Wales. that show that concrete made 2,000 years ago is far better than anything like, in today's building trade. U can see quite well how it has stood up well, for it is now metres above present high water. Unlike Dunwich, a Saxon port that was First of the RN Cinque ports of olden times, which is so far out at sea now that even as a child fifty+ years ago, one could barely see the bell-tower at low water. Carnarvon is west coast, N.Wales,and Dunwich is east coast, south of Gt.Yarmouth.

Wow great post!

Nature is beautiful

muito bom

so cool :-)

What do we need to do to get featured?

excellent initiative friend ... and very good post chosen ... greetings ... I follow you now!