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RE: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest: Help me to Thank you # 8- New info

in #curation5 years ago

This is the Second Black and White art I made. Feel free to rate it :)



Beautiful work, you are very talented. I could watch your video for a month, and still could not draw this well.

Thank you. :)
Don't worry about it. If you give some time, imagine nice black and white arts and practice them, you will certainly be able to draw better than me with in a week. :)

I am impressed how you created your picture. You are very talented.

Thank you very much :)
I need more experience about black and white arts.. They are certainly very impressive if drawn nicely.
I will try to create greater arts. Please wish me luck :)

I really like your video. When I see things like this I am very humbled.

I am glad you liked it ! :D

Your video has just inspired me to start doing some drawing again. Great work and thank you for the post.

I am Glad I was able to impress you :)

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