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RE: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest: Help me to Thank you # 8- New info

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I posted my link a few days ago when I commented on @glentoy's post but it's no longer on the thread along with the replies under it. How frustrating!
I found this view on the fields across the street from where I live. A farmer grew soybean crops there last year and these wild grasses remained.


Lovely colour combination. It is like a painting.

Thank you! @nelinoeva Lucky shot that night with the sunset on a crisp Winter evening!

I have never seen a green sunset before! How unusual. Did you use any filters or some such? As @nelinoeva says, it is just like a painting. Lovely photo. Shame about losing your link by the way. I wonder how that happened?

The colours here are fantastic @ninahaskin This really is a gorgeous photo

Thanks so much! @ablaze Guessing you're an outdoor person too!

I am indeed @ninahaskin :o) The green in this minds me of the Northern Lights, you should frame this one and hang it in your house... It's really something