Informative post mate! Keep it up.

I can begin to see your heart in the post. I knew you had a message. This message will grow more and more. Thank God for beautiful Cebu and enjoy your day.

You make some great points here and technology certainly has it's ills.. The benefits do out weight the ills, but to use certain technology, you should need a license or have passed some test to show that you understand the benefits, as well as the dangers of it... Unfortunately social media can be as dangerous as a gun sometimes when people are bullied... That is why Steemit is a breath of fresh air, I have only come across one negative person in my 35 days so far..

I agree that technology can be a negative influence (especially social media as you mentioned) I also think it can be a great force for good and provide us with many benefits. The great challenge is to use it wisely. Hopefully, people will find a balance between the use of technology and actually engaging with real people face to face. Thank you for the post.

You hit the nail on the head there... It is about balance, as is the case with so many things in life... Without balance, things eventually come tumbling down..

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