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Explain it to me like I am a five year old.

  1. If you vote early in the first 30 minutes, you will give up a lot of your curation rewards to the author.
  2. If you vote first, you will get a lot more curation rewards than your steem power will normally allow.
  3. You will make more curation rewards discovering smaller powers that have the potential to do "OK".
  4. Whale posts are usually self-voted, and drain the curation pool significantly, and the reward pool is split with hundreds or thousands of people.

Now let me elaborate further when is best to vote? ? It all depends?? Every post is different.

1st rule:

Understand the 30-minute window rule. A reverse auction, where you make fewer curation rewards earlier in the first 30 minutes than if you wait it out. (By doing so, you also make less curation rewards by waiting).

Let's say we have a post that makes $100 total.

  • 75% of that goes to the author, so at this point, the author makes $75.00.
  • That leaves $25.00 for everyone who upvotes the post for curation rewards.
  • The first 30-minutes you split your portion of the curation rewards with the author. It's a linear sliding scale depending on how soon in the first 30-minutes you vote.
  • If you vote at 0 minutes, 100% of your portion of the $25.00 based on your stake is given to the author.
  • If you vote at 30 minutes, you retain 100% of your stake from the $25.00 curation reward.
  • At 15-minutes it is split 50/50 with the author.
  • If you vote at 20 minutes, you retain 67% of the curation rewards, and the author gets a little over 33%.
  • The first few people who vote get a huge multiplier for their stake.
  • A person who votes first with 500 Steem Power, will vote like they have 20k or more Steem Power when it comes to calculating curation rewards.
  • The first five or so people will have magnified stake in regards to curation rewards, and it will start to normalize after that.

What to do?

On one hand you want to wait for 30 minutes to get the biggest curation reward possible, but on the other hand you want to vote as soon as possible to get a very large magnification to your stake's voting power.

Factors to keep in mind;

  • The popularity of the author and the chance of a post going viral.
  • There are some authors that make $50-$400 a post, thus yielding a huge pool of curation rewards.
  • These posts are what most minnows spend a lot of their limited voting power upvoting.
  • Big whales auto self-vote their post, taking a large chunk from the curation reward pool by claiming that #1 spot automatically.
  • Whales tend to have a lot of steem power so that magnification of Steem Power is huge. Many of these posts only have 16-20% curation reward pool as many people tend to vote early for popular people. So 5-9% of that 25% curation is going to the author, resulting is a considerably smaller curation pool.

Popular posts and authors get hundreds if not thousands of voters.

  • This is a lot of hands in the curation reward pool asking for their share. Unless you are a very early voter and have a lot of Steem Power, you are likely not going to get a lot of curation rewards on the trending posts. These posts result in very small curation rewards for hundreds of thousands of people."

So to recap what you should vote for and how soon?

  • Vote early on posts that you think will go viral.
  • Vote As soon as 5 minutes in some cases, it could be more profitable than waiting for 20-30 minutes.
  • Many posts like DTube announcements are $500 by the time they hit 30 minutes.
  • In most cases, It's best to vote at 20 minutes, unless you know for sure you got yourself a monster post that is going to the moon.
  • Vote more towards 10-15 minutes for something that is going to soon, and more towards 20-25 minutes for hidden gems.
  • Hidden gems will make you more money than big name posts.
  • Finding posts with very few votes before they are discovered by others is the best way to make big fat curation rewards.
  • Your stake on the curation reward pool is magnified with fewer voters.
  • A post may only make $1-10, but your stake is so much higher and shared with so few people you will do far better than sharing with 1,500 people with far more stake than you.

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great post! explain it to me like i'm 5! hahaha i say that all the time. good info to know. thx for taking the time to figure it out and doing all the reading many of us don't have the time to do :)

Thanks, I agree fully and voted with over 500 so at 18 minutes 😺 everyone should curate


Great explanation . Thanks ....

@healthiswealthI am using steem from last month all the time confused about curation reward why I can't get it always receives only 0.001 rewards. But this blog explains to me what it is how to use that, in fact, it is difficult to get still but at least I know the concept now thanks for explaining in such an easy way.


I think it has to do with your SP is very low.


Yes I can understand about low reward at the moment is because of low SP but before I don't even know how to get this reward sometimes just by luck that small reward even happens but now I know 30 min strategy you explain. Before was just thinking all post that generates more money give reward depend on your number of vote which isn't right.

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There is one more silly question what is advantage of resteem I hear that give curation reward too are the rules for reward same for resteem or they are different?

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Good information.

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So, to bot users it means that you should up your post after 30m to get the most money possible?
I mean so that the upvoter does not get a chunk of your rewards.

i like your game 👍🏻