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RE: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest: Help me to Thank you # 8- New info

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As a filipino, Im able to show to you why Filipinos spreads out around the world, By sharing this, may give you some insights, thank you!


These reasons are mostly the same why citizens leave me country too. You can't blame people for searching for greener pastures.

Youre right friend, its not easy being an ofw.

Yeah, # 5 is because we aren't taught to be entrepreneurs and thus if we can't do business we are left with no choice but apply to jobs that we can find.

I wanna use my passport soon. Lol.

Are you going to stay in the Philippines? I left my home country. It is tough.

It is a shame that your country is losing some of its best and brightest. Let's hope that the situation improves and your country can prosper once more and people do not have to leave.

Its a sad reality!

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