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On this beautiful morning, got out of bed with a happy face (since I do not plan to provide proof, just believe me). Behind a big pot of coffee, executing my - almost - daily round of curation, I gradually became a bit sad. Certainly the cause is not the sun; It was the sun that made me smile when I woke up. Also it was not the coffee; I prepared myself a pretty good coffee using a stovetop percolator 'traditional style' and it extended my smile the sun gave me. I'm pretty sure it where not the selected articles to give them a little boost (secretly hoping for these authors to get a smile on their faces); That in itself further extended my smile.

But still, my smile faded away and mister sad started to invade my emotional parts of my body.

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The only reason I can think of is what I experienced while on my curation tour. Over time I encounter less and less interesting articles and at the same time more and more spam, copy/paste and general BS. Even good authors - whatever that means; I have my own subjective opinion about that - publishing from less good contributions to more and more just shitty stuff.

Fortunately, we still have a bunch of contributors who are here for other reasons than earning money. I'm always pleased and get a big smile when I see these blogging colleagues continuing giving us something interesting to read, hear and/or watch.

When will we change the rewarding algorithms into something supporting

  • quality over quantity!
  • humans over bots!
  • person-to-person rewarding over reward buying!

When will the Witnesses wake up?

When will the Whales wake up?

Continuing this crap we have around the Steem blockchain will only harm the value of the token in the long run!



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I agree with you. Personally I just write short posts. Mainly just posting music I enjoy.

I believe in steemit, but I am in doubt because of the falling number of posts. It is also a big problem that a lot of people just upvote their own posts. Seems hard for new members to grow.

Personally I just use steemit as a easy way to express myself. I dont have high hopes for making a lot of money here.


I think the idea behind a community is for its members to be genuine, to express themselves with whatever and however they want to express it. This can be long form, but also short form. These days hardly anybody reads anyway, so long form posts gets unread/unnoticed, hence it seems to be a waste of time :)

As you, I also do believe in the power of the Steem blockchain. Not sure if I believe in Steemit itself, not in the way the service looks like at the moment. Maybe Steemit shall become a blogging service filtering out all the none- Steemit posts; It shall get some basic tools implemented in the UI, like search (sure we have the esteem search engine which is pretty good imho), but it is offboard of Steemit.

That said: regardless of features or functions of Steemit, we desperately need a more human dominated network with manual curation and engagement, otherwise we will see the service slowly dying.

Thanks btw for you comment! :)

Yeah it must be challenging being a curator. You must have to wade through a lot of crap to find anything good, which probably also takes up a lot of time. I'm sure it's not an easy task. I'd probably feel sad as well.

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Yeah, but I'm getting better and better at it. For a long time, I didn't want to mute users for the sole reason a spammy or scammy user can always turn to become a better or even good 'actor' and when that happens, those muted stay invisible to me. But at some point in time, I started to mute users anyway (with my music curation account, which is not this one here). That resulted in the tag-feeds to carry less posts I have to go through :)

Thanks for the read and your comment, btw! Happy Sunday!

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