Curie Weekly Update (13th March to 19th March 2017) - Hardfork 17 Edition

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In spirit of Curie's transparency, we wish to use this weekly section as an ongoing development blog on our project to communicate our progress on top of the many casual exchanges happening in channel #curie.

  • For those new to Curie, please follow @curie, and join us in #curie on
  • All curators on Steemit are cordially invited to submit posts to Curie at A finder's fee of 8 Steem is available for each upvoted post. Essentially, Curie enables any curator on Steemit to give a post you like a whales' upvote; and in return, you receive a whales' curation reward. All without investing a million dollars :)
  • Follow @curie's votes to support the authors. Please consider following our trail and voting for curated authors. If you are a Streemian user, @curie is an available trail to follow.
  • Remember to follow and interact with authors that you love going through The Daily Curie.

News and announcements

  • Curie continues to participate in the no-whale voting experiment. We are continuing with a limited operational capacity. More than 80% of Curie's votes today is accounted for not by whales but by the 180 minnows and dolphins following our trail. Thank you for your support!
  • With the recent rise in price, there has been an influx of new authors. We'll continue discovering them. Curators are recommended to focus on new authors as more established authors will now exceed the max payout limit eligibility easily.
  • Due to the low volume of curation while the experiment is on, there have been no The Daily Curie posts. With the 7 day payout incoming with Hardfork 17 (if it were to pass), we may however make a Daily Curie post every week.
  • The max submission time limit will be extended to 24 hours after Hardfork 17. Based on curators' feedback, we may extend this to 7 days in the future.
  • Following Hardfork 17, there'll be no difference to curators - we'll continue operating as usual. There are a lot of operational changes, so we may be off for a few hours on Tuesday - keep a look out in #curie on (Edit - Hardfork 17 has been delayed)
  • Depending on the impact of Hardfork 17 and the longevity of the no-whale-voting experiment, we may move to a Finder's fee of 5 Steem next week, down from 8 Steem. This will be the first change in 4 months, and we'll try our best to keep this stability going forward.

@curie backup witness update

After discussing with curators, @curie has decided to participate in Hardfork 17. The main criticism was too many unrelated changes bundled into one hardfork. We hope that the new Steem development process to be announced shortly will address this criticism for future releases. The other two points of contention were the comment reward pool and the 7-day payout limit, but the opinion seems mixed. [Edit - As Hardfork 17 is delayed, we hope to see these concerns addressed soon.] We hope the effects of these changes will be analyzed and remedied in a timely manner for Hardfork 18. Of course, there's also unanimous support for a flatter reward curve, and we eagerly await that for Hardfork 18.

@curie's policies otherwise remain unchanged, with a focus on supporting new authors and the curation community. The only change would be dropping account creation fee to 1 Steem, 1/30th the current amount as recommended.

Weekly Statistics

Over the last week, Project Curie curated a total of 219 posts at an average of 31 posts per day. A total of 173 unique authors were rewarded. Not surprisingly, these numbers are all-time lows for Curie. However, the unique author to posts curated ratio is significantly up so we are still reaching out to many new authors.


There won't be an authors list this week as there simply wasn't a representative sample of posts curated.


The Top 12 Curator list will dynamically change every other week depending on performance. Anybody will be able to rise up the ranks with consistent, quality curation. Inconsistent, low-quality curation will result in dropping out of Top 12 (or regular curation, if under-performance continues).

This week, we have upvoted 214 posts submitted by curators in, with 1,712 STEEM pending payouts to curators. Payouts will be on Wednesdays in the short term.

At current operations, we require a minimum CS of 5 and AR of 70% to be eligible for Top 12 and a CS of 1 to be eligible for 5 submissions/day. Curators with an exceptionally high Score over the month will receive a monthly bonus. Currently, the bonus pool is 1,000 Steem/month.

Curation Leaderboard (with at least 5 submissions this week >0 Score)

CuratorCuration ScoreApproval Rate

There will be only 6 curators eligible for the unlimited submissions this week.

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Curie.
Join us in #curie on, vote for @curie as witness and follow us @curie!

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Congratulations @alcibiades and @littlemozart - you're both on target for splitting the bonus :)

@mgibson and @orangkaya - you've both done well this week but need to work on that approval rate. Get it above 80% and you'll be in contention for the top spots. Congratulations to @majes for maintaining a 100% approval rate.

Keep it up, curators!

Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and quality to help us all in building this sustainable virtual environment. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

gratis thanks

Oh no, I'm number one. If you see from the bottom.


Whoops! If it makes you feel better, there are many more curators who actually have a 0 score (i.e. not even one post approved). Gotta work on that approval rate :) See the Weekly Update from 2-3 weeks - it has some advice for curators. Also, keep track of your submissions, see what's getting approved, what's not etc. There have been many curators who have improved their approval rates drastically of late so it can definitely be learned. All the best!


I will try hard.