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Since you are reading this article, as promised after reaching 100 Followers. Ill start creating a Video Vlogs about #steemit and my #content in #dtube.

I notice something odd about my account that my bandwidth is a little to low and I delegated power from someone who've I known because he invited me @jassennessaj .

This is my master plan,

  • No Money Cashouts
  • BUY STEEM POWER 100 SP for a meanwhile
  • Support Newbies and New friends

In terms of BOTS, I would love to recommend these bots

  • @treeplanter (Midclass BID) starts from 0.01SBD
  • @drotto (Cheapest BID) starts from 0.001SBD
  • @litasio (Cheapest BID) starts from 0.001SBD
  • @aksdwi (Expensive but worth it) starts from 0.5SBD

I am trying to use other bots, but maybe next time.

Best BOTS I used so for was @drotto and @aksdwi, drotto gives you 0.05 of vote, and aksdw gives you x2 of the price, depends on the BID you gave or I don't know, Its expensive and its my first try.

Still working on GAMING content, since it is not so popular here in STEEMIT especially on DTUBE. The authors of DTUBE are most likely onto the rewards not with love and passion they wanted to create.

Create and Earn Money


Create because you love doing it and earn money motivates you from doing it again.

There is a big difference from that.
Anyways that's all I have for you today, make sure you do Upvote for atleast :)

Hashtag Used

#untalented #philippines #curation #bots #cebu


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If you would like to delegate to the @LitasIO you can do so by clicking on the following link: 10SP

Good luck! A lot seems to be starting that route while me I'm still figuring out this site :)

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