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Project Hope Steemit Top 3 Posts Reviews


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Welcome to the weekly digest of project hope , As active member we always review good and quality publications that subscribers and members post in Project Hope Steemit. In its Weekly review you can find the 3 most interesting articles about Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Technology and Philosophy, product of the effort and creativity of our friends.

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technology-has-changed-the-way-we-work-today by @josevas217

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"Let's see, for example, those who work with cryptocurrencies, have had to spend a lot of time to understand the functioning of the market, to be able to deduce from an analysis if a price is going to go down or go up. It is required to obtain a great amount of requirements that allow you to succeed in that area, which of course is not for everyone, so, that has its value, the knowledge and the information.Any person can write, but that it is pleasant and that it contributes something for the person who reads it already implies other things, and that neither is for everybody, it implies a set of skills that allow him/her to develop that work.".

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the-smartphone-zoom-king-huawei-p40-pro-plus by @hassanabid

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"We have heard recent Clash between other SmartPhone providers and huawei that Huawei has launched powerful zoom Technology which could draw the whole market to itself and the competitors would bear a huge loss.Also it was heard that Google has taken its hands away from Huawei and They don't allow huawei to use any of the google services in Its products So its now become difficult for huawei to arrange its own Android apps.

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how-to-save-on-bitcoin-and-other-crypto-fee-when-moving-funds-between-exchanges by @thetimetravelerz

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"Let us save some crypto withdrawal feeWell folks if you are dealing with crypto exchanges then chances are you have been depositing and withdrawing your crypto's from one exchange or the other.At times there may be a need to withdraw your funds to fiat or you need to move funds between exchanges for trading.If you are transferring hundreds of dollars worth of crypto that is you are the big crypto whale then you would not mind paying a 4-5$ worth of bitcoins for moving a 1000 bitcoins."

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