What also makes it difficult it that lower accounts don't want to give the idea that they are hunting for bigger ocean mammal upvotes. At least that is what I do find tricky!
Just like it is harder to write a comment on a post of a bigger account, than one within the closer friends group!
Within the latter it is easier to comment with a one liner or even a smiley. If you are commenting on a post by one not known or not so good know, than it would require a decent and funded comment. Otherwise it would like hunting for upvotes!
And while I don't mind upvote on comments or even being on the autovote of a bigger account, that is never my intention.
I am now running around for more than a year now on Steemit. And the things above I still find hard to do and balance.
Strange isn't?

At the same time, minnows and smaller are very heavily reliant on upvotes from orcas and above to be able to grow their own accounts. Without that support, their posts get less attention, they lose interest, and fall off the chain.

Actually, that's one of the reasons why I want to reach that whale status. To help build up others that make good content and deserve a boost.