Celebrating Birthday and Mawlid in Islam

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There is no doubt that Allah Almighty has made two feast days for the Muslims which they gathered on the two feasts for the activity of remembrance and prayer. Both days are the feast of Eid al-Fitr and the feast of Eid al-Adha, as a substitute for various kinds of feast in the age of ignorance.

Allah swt also mensyariatkan kinds of other feast days where all the Muslims gather for the remembrance and prayer, such as Friday, the day of Arafat, and the day tasyrik. Allah Almighty does not prescribe for us the birthday, birthday, whether stipulated by the birth of the Prophet or any other.

However, the various arguments of the Prophet's al-Kitab and Sunnah have shown that the association on the birthday is heresy and a new matter in religion, other than as tasyabbuh (affinity) with the enemies of God from Jews, Christians and others.

Birthday and Mawlid in Islam


"Whoever puts a new thing in our case which has no argument in it, is rejected" (Bukhari and Muslim)

In the Muslim book of Jabir Radhiyallahu Anhu from the Holy Prophet that one day in his Friday sermon said,

"Amma ba'du, indeed as good as the word is the Book of Allah, and as good as the clue is the guidance of Muhammad; as bad as the bururknya case is a new case, and every heresy is misguided "(Muslim)

In the book Musnad Ahmad with a pretty good sanad from Ibn Umar Radhiallahu Anhuma that the Messenger of Allah said,

"Whoever resembles a people, then he becomes part of the people (Ahmad and Abu Daud)"

The hadith with the above hadith is very much that all indicate that it must be vigilant of the actions of imitating the enemies of God in terms of celebration of their celebrations and so forth.

The most noble and most important creature is the Messenger of Allah has never held a gathering in order to celebrate his birthday during his life. The Companions did not even celebrate the mawlid celebration. Similarly for the tabi'in.

If the assembly in celebration of the Prophet's or other Mawlid is a good thing, they are of course the first choice person to do it. When nothing ever happens, we know that gathering in the framework of the anniversary (maulid) is a new heresy and matter in the obligatory religion left behind and alert from it as a reflection of the activity to the commands of Allah and the Messenger of Allah.

The first to celebrate the Prophet's Mawlid

Some of the scholars mentioned that the person who first celebrated the birthday of the Prophet was the Shiite Fathimiyah in the fourth decade. Then followed by those who attribute themselves to the Sunnah of the Prophet because of ignorance and taqlid, the Jews and the Christians.

Furthermore, this bid'ah spread to the wider community. The obligation of Muslim clerics today is to explain the law of God in regard to this heresy and the necessity to stay away from it and be alert to it.

Because with its existence will trigger the existence of very severe damage, spread the various other kinds of bid'ah and the hidden sunnah sunnah. Because the action is tasyabbuh (resembles) enemies of God's enemies of the Jews, Christians and others of people with various forms of paganism who always familiarize with such associations.

Scientists have written such things from ancient times to the present and then they explain the law of God in regard to the various heresies. Semoha Allah swt gives them a good reward and makes us all the followers of the ihsan.


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