Bittersweet: a creative praline shop in Belgium. 「My chocolate 🍫 is cuter than yours. 」


Living in the "kingdom of chocolate", finally I decided to write something about the Belgian pralines. When it comes to Belgium, many of my Chinese friends back home could associate it with the world-famous chocolate. But what exactly is Belgian chocolate famous for? Most local people will tell you the pralines, you can so many chained or independent chocolatiers in any Belgian cities.

Neuhaus is now a well-known Belgian chocolate chain. Behind this chocolate master, there is the story of how Belgian praline is invented. In 1912, Jean Neuhaus expands his grandfather’s idea of filling medicines with chocolate, Jean replaced the medicines with delight to create the first filled chocolate. He calls it ‘praline’, which becomes symbol of Belgian chocolate and praline later becomes the most important product of every Belgian chocolatier.

Unlike the American cream-based pralines, Belgian pralines are with a softer or liquid filling. The filling can be made of hazelnut, almonds, sugar, syrup and often milk-based pastes. Nowadays there're some chocolatiers that use all kinds of creative flavoured paste.

exterior of bittersweet

The other day, I discovered a chocolate atelier called Bittersweet in the centre of Leuven. The shop was opened in 2011, but it isn't that noticeable from the exteriors, it looks more of a small random office. Maybe that's the reason I keep missing it for like 5 years?!

Just as the company philosophy writes,

To surprise customers and make them smile and enjoy through tastes, shapes and colours.

When I entered the shop, I was so surprised how colourful and cute those pralines are!


minimalist interior

Cute Pralines





The chocolatier is always experimenting with new flavors and shapes. I couldn't get my eyes off those lovely shaped pralines. They don't look so "serious", there're shaped in cloud, "love", rock, robot, lego, skull, even the Brussels sprouts, lol.

My choice

I picked some cute ones in a small box. How do you like my choice?

So, is it tasty?

When I sent the picture to some friends, they asked me if they are tasty or just look cute. I know.... they look too beautiful. Don't be fooled by their "not so serious" look, but they taste seriously great just like any traditional-looking pralines. The flavor wasn't that usual, for example, the "robot" one has the "Green sencha" filling and the "love" one is with the "chilli peanut" filling. Interesting , isn't it?


Here is how the filling looks like. xd

More than pralines

Easter is one month away, you can find Easter chocolate eggs already everywhere. Those ones look so arty.

Brownie and chocolate orange

The Atelier


Some days of the week, the chocolate atelier is open for public to visit. It was an interesting experience for me to see how a praline is shaped from the mold and how they colour it or add some special pattern on the surface. I feel it's such a great job to be a chocolatier.

Location: !steemitworldmap 50.880453 lat 4.711338 long d3scr



今天来聊聊比利时的巧克力,大家都知道比利时巧克力很有名,我来比利时之前对这个国家什么都不了解,甚至都不知道这个国家具体在哪里,那时就听说这里的巧克力了。后来尝了不少比利时巧克力(也胖了不少o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o),那么到底比利时巧克力有名在哪里呢?





Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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"Not all those who wander are lost. " - J. R. R. Tolkien

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I love Belgien chocolate- it comes right after the swiss one :-)
But to be honest I just know the godiva chocolate - how do it compare to those you mentioned?


I love Godiva too, and Swiss chocolate too :) I think the flavor of Godiva’s praline is more creamy and smooth, like hazelnut or moussee flavor. This one has more fruity and funky taste like strawberry, mango, wasabi, etc.

^_^ 我喜欢巧克力,只是不敢多食,因为怕胖ing~~~



I think this post as been a long time coming hehe I really like the look of that lego chocolate hehe, I think ol Jean Neuhauss grandfather’s idea of filling medicines with chocolate was definitely on to something imagine being unwell and eating chocolate to get better LOL @joythewanderer


Lego chocolate is tasty, it is with the rice pudding filling. haha

哇大开眼界!!! 连我这个不爱巧克力的人都想尝一下





是呢 可爱的我都舍不得吃

Why did you choose Belgium of all places? Just curious because to me, our country seems a bit boring. Anyway, really nice post, I just love how you've written and formatted it, great pictures too...

Greetings from Leuven, Belgium!


ah! Finally a Leuvenaar, really? I think I've never met any Steemian from Leuven yet.
I also have no idea how I've chosen Belgium, frankly I didn't have any idea of how different European countries are before I came here. (of course now I do) lol.
I don't think Belgium is more or less boring than other European countries tho. Followed you, now we can do a Leuven Steemian meetup finally


I haven't come across anyone from Leuven on Steemit either, except you now. It's pretty fun to see you've reviewed some of the restaurants in Leuven that I love to visit. Thai House snackbar is really awesome!
I've followed you too and I hope we'll eventually find some more people from Leuven on Steemit ;)


haha I sometimes go to the snackbar for the noodle soup on Friday.




Nice post. I want to visit Belgium someday... Although I've been hearing for a while now that it's a bit boring.


Oh sorry about that awolesigideon. I don't think Belgium is that boring though. hahah

really famous belgi chocolate in the world, nice post i like

thank you for sharing, @joythewanderer hopefully your journey is always in happiness

wow i love choklete ♥♥


Me too haha

beautiful and creative ! did you taste every one of them ?


Thanks for coming by, Tiloupsa. I tasted 20 of them. All great.

Well. Finally. Some Brussels Sprouts that I could willingly wrap my mouth around.

Just terrific pictures and descriptions from you as normal. Thank you!

I love chocolate, your article is complete.
Thanks for sharing joy


Thanks Klen!

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ooooOoooo no words :))) You reminded me my first trying pralines in Belgium on our school trip. It has been quite a while :)


Really? School trip wow, must be a sweet memory!




Wow! Awesome post. I've never seen chocolate like it! I really need to make a trip to Belgium :-)


Thanks Yasmine. If you live in UK, you can take the Eurostar here!

nice post,...


Thanks for coming by, sardar!

Its looks super delicious


I hope it is so taste food my dear @joythewanderer




哈哈当时去的时候对那个大大的 BitterSweet 印象深刻~


哈哈哈 你也去过吗?巧克力太可爱了!


是啊 在Brussels各种吃甜食

Lovely post

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