Common Phrases And Words in Danish and Norwegian

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Good afternoon, everyone! Today I'd like to share a couple of common phrases and words that I learn in both Danish and Norwegian since I've become an international student in Denmark.

National flag of Denmark. Image source:

Danish numbers

    1 (en), 2 (to), 3 (tre), 4 (fire), 5 (fem), 6 (seks), 7 (syv), 8 (otte), 9 (ni), 10 (ti), 11 (elleve), 12 (tolv), 13 (tretten), 14 (fjorten), 15 (femten), 16 (seksten), 17 (sytten), 18 (atten), 19 (nitten), 20 (tyve), 21 (en og tyve) [...], 30 (tredive), 40 (fyrre), 50 (halvtreds), 60 (tres), 70 (halvfjerds), 80 (firs), 90 (halvfems), 100 (hundrede)

    Danish days of the week

    Mandag = Monday

    Tirsdag = Tuesday

    Onsdag = Wednesday

    Torsdag = Thursday

    Fredag = Friday

    Lørdag = Saturday

    Søndag = Sunday

    Norwegian common phrases

    'Velkommen!' = 'Welcome!'

    'Takk!' = 'Thanks!'

    'Sees senere!' = 'See you later!'

    'Ta det rolig.' = 'Take it easy.'

    'Alt er bra.' = 'Everything's fine.'

    'Jeg er/Jeg hetter [...]' = 'I am [...]'

    'Mit navn er [...]' = 'My name is [...]'

    'Gratulerer med dagen!' = 'Happy birthday!'

    'God helg!' = 'Good weekend!'

    'Beklager!' = 'Sorry!'

    'Unnskyld meg.' = 'Excuse me.'

    'Ha det bra/fint/godt!' = 'Goodbye!' (literally 'Have it good!')

    'Ikke noe problem!' = 'No problem!'

    Note: Some common phrases in Norwegian are very close or even identical to their Danish counterparts.

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    Nothing is better than passing knowlege like you do. I appreciate that.

    Nice post , thank you .

    Thanks for sharing @vikthor

    Upvote you .

    Great to learn some Danish and Norwegian words. It must be fun studying and living in Denmark, I think it is constantly voted the happiest country on earth.