Song of the Alpine mountaineers and the wonderful world of Yodeling

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Today I will tell you about my favorite musical genre, songs and melodious tides that can not be forgotten if you ever hear.

Each of you has probably heard that there is a genre in folk music that has appeared among Alpine shepherds, because in the mountains it is not so easy to talk to each other. But with the help of special equipment all came out much easier.

Tyrolean penie

The Swiss have even a legend about how one day three strangers offered the young shepherd a choice of their gifts :* one promised strength, courage and health for his sheep, the other-cunning, wealth and a good wise wife, but the third wanderer promised to teach the shepherd to sing jodel, dance and play the Alpine horn*, and now thanks to him we can now hear amazing fun and exciting songs :-)

In the Alps, this genre has become widespread. Here as choral singing (up to 5 votes) and solo yodelling. And many consider that such equipment existed in prehistoric times. The attempt to imitate the mountain echo is associated with the expression of emotions, but in fact these songs have become an excellent means of communication through which shepherds communicate with each other.


Be interesting encoded audio message. Options Jodl quite a lot. And the word "yodel" is derived from the sound "yo". Shout yo-yo turning in different directions, and the mountains you will answer 3-4 times. It seems that nature itself sings a special happy song Jyorei-Elloree-Elloree-e.

Today, Jodl is traditional in Switzerland and Austria. Although other Nations also had special techniques melodic performance, similar to yodeling. In Persian and Azeri classical music often used the "Tahrir" — the singing in which the characteristic vibrations of the voice on the neighboring tones. In Georgian traditional music used the technique called "krimanchuli" is also a little reminiscent of yodeling. Yodel serves as a kind of refrain in folk songs.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were even special mass in the style of jodel with a quick switch of voice registers and alternation of chest sounds. They were performed with melodious tides in the form of vocalism. And once yodl was part of everyday life, the art of singing yodl was transferred from generation to generation.

Most of all I like how to perform such songs Swiss band called Oesch's die Dritten. The group included all six members, vocalist Melanie Olsen performs with his father and brothers, and the girl's mother Anna Maria plays the role, in a sense, backing vocals.

Melanie Olsen from early childhood fell in love with yodelling and singing it everywhere. For her a day without smiling and singing, just lost time. And the first time it came on the scene at the age of 5 and immediately shocked the audience with their unique vocal abilities.

According to the girls in yodeling there's something magical. When you yodoshi, your whole body starts to vibrate and if absorbed a certain sense of happiness. The soul sings and you are happy, it seems as if you are carried away to the top of the mountains, re-born under these melodious tides.

In our days there are many bands and singers yodelling, but the most famous song is considered to be Kufsteinlied Das (the song of the town Kufstein, located in the Austrian Tyrol).

Back in 1981, this melody was recognized as a world cultural heritage and the folk song Of the world (from the number performed in German). In the Tyrol it is considered a regional anthem.

It was composed by an ordinary postal worker, Karl Ganzer. He was a big fan of music and often took part in various Amateur collectives. After this song was performed by the Bavarian musician-the real king yodel, the singer Franzl lang, it became popular in many parts of our planet.

Lang loved to incorporate elements of yodeling almost any work which he performed. But once he worked as a mechanic-toolmaker, who just loved to sing and had a thin ear and a strong voice.

Listen to these songs a pleasure, mood-lifting is guaranteed :-)

Yodel is in America. Dezurik sisters (Mary Jane and Carolyn) created The first female Duo, which became extremely popular in the program "Radio-country"after a few performances. Performing yodel, the girls became famous throughout America.

Your success girls due to the fact that he loved to listen to the birds singing and learned to imitate them, even played under a funny name "Cackling sisters".

However, I still think that for the execution of such songs need a lot of components and the correct posture in which the knees slightly bent and relaxed, and appropriate facial expressions, and most importantly — a good mood, and always acoustic.

Think, that yodel – art quite complex and requiring special vocal data. Although such singing is a more effective means to reduce stress and relieve tension. To listen to a lot of fun, the legs themselves are dancing.

The perpetrators of these wonderful and funny play capable of filling Jodl encountered each musical pause. The art and skill of jontarou will be for many years to come to excite fans of such singing, and, of course, will long remain in the memory of any tourist.

Thank you for Your attention and Your visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments.

I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Thanks for your support.


What a fun post! So cool of you to celebrate the art of yodeling. It's always felt lighthearted to me, probably because of my remembrance of the film, Raising Arizona, with its soundtrack. To me, it's a blast exploring what the voice can do, jumping so playfully. I find yodeling deeply enjoyable and respectable as an art form. Here's another yodel song I remember from the film Grizzly Man.

Yes, and the alpine horn is a resounding sound. I visited the Swiss Alps once, and had the pleasure of hearing the instrument demonstrated there. Of course this brings to mind the classic Ricola commercials too. :)

Thank you very much for your attention and interest)

Special thanks for the video.

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Thank you very much for your support and attention. I love to explore music of different peoples, and yodeling like since childhood. Listening to these great songs, you forget everything. You are transported to the Alps and feel in the bosom of the virgin nature.

It seems that you listen only to the majestic mountains and picturesque Alpine meadows.

Thank you for your attention and organization of this wonderful curatorial Guild.

Thank you for the great article :)

Yodeling must be very good at releasing tension and stress. Especially if you practice in those beautiful mountains. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

This is awesome! This post is so good, informative and refreshing! It represents all that is cool on steemit - random, curious and original content. That text made me literally happy :D. Thanks for a great work!

Thank you for your interest and attention. Very is happy, that you liked )

Such a fun subject to write about on Steemit. There's something so special about Swiss culture and their mountain folk, I feel. There's a feeling of peace with the vibe of their music, as well as their way of life, from my perspective.

I have long been interested in music different peoples,
but yodel like a lot. Often listen to it.
Wanted to talk about it to their friends.
Very glad you read the post and watched the video.
Thank you for your attention, support and your comment.
I'm very pleased.

You said it has uplifting, but this is BIG, now I'm wearing a happy dumb smile on my face after listening to this, I love it so much!

Very glad you read the post and watched the video.
I Thank you for your attention, support and your comment.
I'm very pleased.

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