Learn Guitar: Section 2 Production Underway Taking Longer Than Hoped

in culture •  11 months ago

Sorry everyone cannot work until the pressure of a deadline and since no direct reward and this crypto that changes so quickly and ephermeral that today could be worth something tomorrow could be up in the bad kind of smoke.

Before I can film, I need the visuals I will discuss prepared. I just got through the visuals for the Pentatonic that I can post up if people don't want to wait any longer an need to bust out their first solo before they explode in anger by the delay of internet posters procrastinating.


Here's what I have, do you like the color scheme? what feedback do you have? I hope to get through all the filming of section 2 today, and depending on how well my computer edits the filiming if and when done and silly last minute mistakes that recur that cause me to render the video file over and over.

We shall see what is what and so fourth? What is your feedback? Who are you what do you desire? Section 2 should be up by end of the work week, or one commenter below may be randomly awarded the consent to punch the actor in the video once in the stomach as hard as they want without any technological or robotic aid.

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I'll try!! haha


sounds good, hope the new year going well!!


thank you so much always :-)

ok i share it


thanks, hope it helps get you some curation!!

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Learning guitar from online lessons could be a thing and helpfull . Here is a tip about how i learned the guitar . I learnd natural chords and after i listened to music and try to play along them . This way you will get confident over time .
You will be proud with your playing and you will feel confortable .


sounds good if you make any lessons let me know and I'll be happy to share to help steem learn guitar as long as you realase the content in the post to the public domain so people can use the content however they wany.


Thats the way i learnt to play the guitar.

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