Durga Puja: A Festival of Colors and Rituals

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Durga Puja also called Akalbodhan "untimely awakening of Durga" In West Bengal, Navaratri Puja elsewhere in India, and is known by many other names. Durga Puja is a festival from eastern India especially from West Bengal but one can see the celebrations all over India for ten days with great zeal and fervor. It is the biggest and most important festival for people in West Bengal particularly Kolkatta that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over an ancient demon known by the name Mahishasura. It also is a harvest festival that marks the goddess as the power behind the life and creation.


Celebrated in the autumn month according to Hindu calendar, In 2018, Durga Puja is taking place from October 15 to October 18, followed by the grand immersion of Durga idols on October 19. It is celebrated just like how Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated. Read my blog on Ganesh Chaturthi is you would like to follow: Ganesh Chaturthi in India


The festival starts with elaborate huge statues of Goddess Durga or lovingly called Maa Durga, which is installed at homes or public podiums. For nine days the Goddess is worshiped (also called as Navratri – literally meaning nine nights), prayers are offered every day during the festival and worshiped in her various forms. In the end, the statues are paraded through the streets, with lots of music, cultural events, and dancing and immersed in the water.



Durga Puja celebrates the ten-armed goddess of fertility. Goddess Durga, a fierce warrior seated upon a tiger, emerged from the collective energies of all the Hindu Gods, combating evils and demonic forces, who unleashed her anger against wrong as per Hindu mythology and vanquished a water buffalo bull with terrific strength by the name Mahishasur. In Hinduism, Maa Durga represents power and often known as Maa Shakti due to her divine power.

Cultural performances during Kolkata Durga Puja

A traditional dance - Dhunachi Nritya, are performed after worshipping the idol and the celebrations continue with people dancing to the tunes of dhak, a traditional drum-like instrument.



Durga Idols Being Made

In Kolkatta

Intricate beautiful idols of Goddess Durga during the Durga Puja festival are handcrafted in Kumartuli Potter's Town in north Kolkata.




The process of making Durga Statues is very ceremonial and the result is extremely beautiful and colorful. During my visit to Jaipur, I saw few artisans working at idols of Goddess Durga, making amazing pieces out of clay. Even though ideally they are more elaborately made in West Bengal, I still love the details here.






43662667_2651077081569402_5727444528231612416_n (1).jpg

Food During the Festival

Durga Puja is a festival of lots and lots of sweets. Shondesh is the most prominent sweet during the festival.

A mix of veg and non veg food

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howdy there itravelarts! wow this is a remarkable post. Very colorful, informational and educational!
So you guys are going to be going to celebrations for the next ten days?

hey there...Thank you for always supporting. there are many regions and cultures here, this festival is celebrated in a particular segment, not by my family, but I love the whole vibes, once can feel it all over the city. Its so amazing to even see even if not a part of it.

Wow, love learning about different cultures and meaning behind different practises .
This is beutifully andcolorfully put together.

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hey there @purpletanzanite how are you doing?
Thank you for a beautiful comment and i so agree that learning about different cultures and practices is enriching and interesting.

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