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In Nigeria we have many ethnic groups with about 527 languages and 7 of them are extinct.
We also has over 1150 dialects and ethnic groups. The largest ethnic groups are the "Hausa" and the "Fulani" in the north.

The "Igbo" in the southeast and the "Yoruba" in the southwest, "Efik - Ibibio"(they ethnic group I belong to) and finally the "Ijaw" in the southsouth.

The Fulani and the Hausa are mostly known to be Muslim while the Igbo are mostly known to be Christians and so are the Efik, Ibibio, and they Annang people.The Yoruba are likely to be either Christian or Muslim.

Other ethnic group are found throughout the country but most especially in the north and the middle belt.


Other cultural expressions are found in the various masquerades of Nigeria, W
which includes the Eyo masquerades, the Ekpe and Ekpo Masquerades of the Efik/Ibibio/Annang/Igbo peoples and the Northern Edo Masquerades. The most well known masquerade is the Yoruba wooden masks (Gelede masquerades).
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I never knew so much about Nigerians culture until I read your post, thank you @biggijay


Thank you too

Culture is inter relate with nature

Informative post!
Nigeria is such an heterogeneous society. A complex society made up of diverse ethnic groups with different cultural backgrounds. Also rich in minerals and is made up of good people.

Nigeria is a great and wealthy nation. Very few nations are as endowed as the nation of Nigeria is. Thanks for helping us remember that.


It's my duty as a Nigerian

Nice post


Whoa, an eye-opener for me! Looks something similar with Indian's Kawadi.


Indian's kawadi?


Something like this.


Okay, that's cool😎

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I definitely will

When you come to Africa our culture is our first priority.... @biggijay.


I love Nigeria


Naija for life

9ja we dey........good cultural heritage.keep it up