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Built over 1,800 years ago, it is an important tourist destination in Rome. The dome of the building, with a height of more than 43 meters, is the most impressive. The front of the impressive building has three rows of eight columns, each with a diameter of 1.5 meters. The massive bronze door provides access to the cylindrical building. Its diameter is equal to the height of the interior 43.3 meters.

Costruito oltre 1.800 anni fa, è un'importante destinazione turistica a Roma. La cupola dell'edificio, con un'altezza superiore ai 43 metri, è la più impressionante. La parte anteriore dell'imponente edificio ha tre file di otto colonne, ciascuna con un diametro di 1,5 metri. La porta in bronzo massiccio consente l'accesso all'edificio cilindrico. Il suo diametro è uguale all'altezza degli interni di 43,3 metri.

The Pantheon contains the graves of Raphael and several Italian kings. The interior design contrasts with the structure of the building, but the marble floor still preserves the original Roman lines.

Nell Pantheon ci sono le tombe di Raffaello e di alcuni re italiani. Il design d'interni contrasta con la struttura dell'edificio, ma il pavimento in marmo conserva ancora le linee originali romane.

The biggest problem encountered during the construction of the Pantheon was the huge weight of the roof. Because this can be supported without reinforcement, the concrete type and the thickness of the dome differs from the base to the top. At the base were built very thick 6-meter walls. For the top of the roof, an easier type of concrete has been used and to the aperture called oculus, the thickness is only 2.3 meters. The use of formwork and the top opening also helped reduce the weight of the dome.

Il problema più grande incontrato durante la costruzione del Pantheon era il peso enorme del tetto. Poiché questo può essere supportato senza rinforzo, il tipo di calcestruzzo e lo spessore della cupola differiscono dalla base alla parte superiore. Alla base sono stati costruiti muri molto spessi di 6 metri. Per la parte superiore del tetto è stato utilizzato un altro tipo di calcestruzzo. All'apertura chiamata oculus, lo spessore è di soli 2,3 metri.

The slender columns weighing 60 tons were made in Egypt and were transported to Rome by ships. The columns bear a fronton that attributes Patheon to Marcus Agrippa although it was founded by Hadrian.

Le colonne sottili che pesano 60 tonnellate sono state fatte in Egitto e sono state trasportate a Roma con le navi. Le colonne sostengono un frontone che attribuisce Patheon a Marcus Agrippa ma il fondatore è stato Adriano.

The Pantheon is next to Piazza della Rotonda, a rectangular square with a central fountain and an obelisk. It is located in the historic center of Rome, not far from Piazza Navone, one of the most beautiful squares of Rome.

Il Pantheon è vicino a Piazza della Rotonda, piazza rettangolare con fontana centrale e obelisco. Si trova nel centro storico di Roma, non lontano da Piazza Navona, una delle più belle piazze di Roma.

An Steemit original/All photos are mine. Thanks for visiting. Ciao!

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Thank you for bringing us back to the beauty of Rome! I don't think I will ever spend enough time to see everything!

I am in love with the Pantheon and like so many buildings in Italy, they are architectural marvels. I cannot fathom how these were built so many years ago, without the benefit of modern conveniences and tools.

Your shots are stunning, with amazing details and textures. I can feel them! You are such a Master of shadow and light, it is always a pleasure to see your work. Thank you for bringing us there, and showing off Rome in such a spectacular way!

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thank you Denise. I'm gonna buy something nice :)


Try not to spend it all in one place! :)

Such a great article I love to see these pictures I'm also history enthusiast.

It's been a while since we saw from of your photographs from Rome. They whet my appetite for a visit @adrianobalan. 😊

Hello!! Wow how impressive that the pantheon is so careful, so majestic, does not seem to have been built for so many years. Hopefully one day I can visit him.

I love being able to visit Rome without leaving my house, excellent photos.

Dear @adrianobalan sir
Artworks built on ancient buildings signify that in ancient times, people were wealthy in their genius. No matter how many technologically developed, these ancient buildings and the carving on them can not match. The internal design and structure of these buildings force them to be amazed. From a wall to the inner surface and the dome, giving a strong shape is really unbelievable.
Thank you for introducing ancient artworks and buildings

Awesome shots! I got to visit the Pantheon (and Rome) in November and it was one of the best weeks of my life. The food game in your city is absolutely top notch. I cannot wait to get back and eat my way around again :)

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È impressionante così tanti dettagli, dipinti, sculture e sculture.
Guarda le tue foto e leggi ciò che scrivi mi fa sentire che cammino sul pantheon.

Lovely pictures this must be an ancient place

We got to see the beautiful artifacts of the room. Thank you so much for you through your

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Seeing this building will stay with me forever - thanks for reminding me of it's magnificence

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