😉 Voteup? 😍 Cuban vintage cars

in cuba •  last year  (edited)

Do you have any information or pictures on Cuba to share?

Ever travelled to Cuba? What did you like about it? The cars? Upvote now for a little yes! 😉


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One of my most favorite travel experiences for sure! Great people, Awesome music and of course the cars! This pic tells the story well

Hi Chris, Just looked at your photos from Cuba., great photos. Could we collaborate? i.e. use your photos for our Vacation Rental Guides section we'll watermark them with your websites address and provide name credits. Does that work for you? 😁

HI There! I really appreciate you asking me. I have VERY inexpensive download licensing available here for those photos -> https://www.christuckerphotography.com/Travel/Cuba This will allow you to use on your web site and on the internet, socially, if you like.

I just looked. USD 12 per photo licence is that correct. You have so many brilliant photos. The software you used can be applied on any web site?

Hi! The photos download to your computer as .JPG ready to be used on any web site or in social media, etc. I would be willing to give you a nice discount promo code if you need to buy more than 10 photos that retail for $12 each to help you have photos on your site and promoting your business!

I'll bear that in mind. Thank you for all your endeavors. 😋

Just let me know and i can create a promo code that will knock off 50% - making them $6 each!