How does this social media platform help you earn money?

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Today I just woke up, and after worked some time at the Juice, I just tought; I just have to tell people again about this place, and try explain a little about this site. And a little about how it works.

One question for many is ofcause; how does a social media platform help you earn money?

Well lets take a little closer look at this place, and I hope you have a few minutes to check it out, as this can be the difference between you getting a lot of traffic, get more social, get bigger list and even earn more money...or that you skip it, and well wont get what I said from this place... at the end its all up to you, I can only you have to do.

Name a few social networks that you know.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. those are the few familiar names.

Now imagine if you can get paid by simply being active in posting and getting followers for your social media.

The CJ Concept is similar to that. It is a social network, with setup resembling of Facebook or instagram where you can post, like, comment and follow other users.

The types of posts you see there are somewhat like what you will find in other social media, only more business-centric.

When you first join Cashjuice you should aka must set up a profile (with picture, I cant tell this enough times!)

The you should do the "Plan" , because it is really the "Heart" of the site.

The "PLAN" is breaking it down into 3 simple steps to follow. This shows you how to get started and leverage the system to maximise your business potential.

There is a lot more I can tell about CashJuice, but I wont go true everything today. Lets just take a Quick look into something everybody looking for:

Turn that audience into money

From Ads:

CashJuice place ads on their platform, which means they will get paid for it.

Now if you are a paid member(Lifetime membership upgrade @ $29.50), and be active in the community, they will share their ads revenue with you. How much you get depends on your ‘position’ among the top members. The higher your ‘position’, the bigger share you get.

(I can recommand the upgrade, but it works very good as FREE too, just much more POWER in a LIFETIME upgrade)

From products and services:

If your direct referrals upgrade their account to paid membership, or make whatever payment to CashJuice, you will get 15% as commission.

From your own business:

If you own a business yourself, you can expand your reach out by capitalising on the followers base that you have gain in CashJuice. Other than revenue sharing from ads and products, you can also promote your business to your followers to maximise your income.

There is so much more to tell folks, but go have a look, its FREE to join, and FREE to use.

Thanks for your time, much succes in what ever you choose to do about CashJuice.


(Remember my English is my 2nd language...about typos that


No, CashJuice is legit.

There are many ways to drive traffic- SEO, paid ads, social media, forum commenting… the list goes on.

So CashJuice is another way to help boost your traffic and get your business seen. If you like trying out different options, this is for you!

However, if you decided to give it a go, join with a realistic expectation



Thanks for this review/explanation about this social network... It's always good to know different options for content creation...

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CashJuice is great Sig, maybe I do need to use it a bit more than I do, just need to plan better lol, stay awesome.

I actually joined Cash Juice and upgraded and then as with many other things I let it go. I have some money sitting there but now I need to use it more. I had forgotten about it.

Its a joy that this reminded you! Success

Good post to a good social network

Great post Sig! I have been a member of CashJuice for a while, but I hate to admit, I've not put too much time into it! I need to remedy that! Take care!

Glad I did remind you then..Much success...thx a lot for the feedback!

Thanks Sig for the review.
I had previously thought cashjuice was BS.
I will look at it differently moving forward.

Sounds cool but outside the blockchain, right?

yes at moment yes...but it is building stronger and better, with good membeships, so in can be possible indeed. And I hope it will

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